Bittersweet Replacement

When he told her they were over, the sun was shining. It seemed horribly incorrect, the light and warmth and heat. A part of her knew the sky should have been dark, with rolling clouds and flashes of lightning. The earth should have trembled from the force of the heaven’s roar, the earth wet with…

Sex Is Math

Censorization was, at times, a necessary evil. Zevi felt his lips curl back, pale face darkening as he eyed the book laid out on the table before him. Then his gaze lifted to the boy with too-wide eyes and a mouth stained brown by chocolate. His gaze dropped back to the book, to the highlighted…

Simple Pleasures

To welcome the simplest pleasures is much like inviting a demon into your bed. Once there, they are impossible to escape.


In a single moment, what was…was no more. Within a heartbeat of time, the ground opened up. Like swollen lips parting in a grotesque grin, the world around her came undone. Pristine, reflective walls stretched, pulled further and further away. Vast emptiness, a world apart from┬áthe restraints biting into┬áher pulse, threatened to drag her under….

Five Nights

When reality, logic and madness mingle, paranoia and panic become paramount. Like a die cast into darkness, every dream has a nightmare and every blessing a curse; when the dream and nightmare, and the blessing and curse, are one and the same, there is no escape. Panic will rise. Paranoia will envelope. Light will die. Yet she will not stop, not as long as a spark of light remains.


They had no way of knowing. The fallout, it came without warning; it was calm, the winds warm and the sands of the beach rolling against a light breeze. This was the way it was meant to be, each and every day. Calm, but warm. Calm, but mindlessly boring. Perhaps the true issue was the…

A Fallen Star

A fallen star lit up the sky. An array of lights spiraled across the heavens, brilliant hues of pink and violet and silver. In the darkness, the children paused their game to watch as the lights swirled and danced through the sky. At the heart, a solid piece glowed like a newborn sun. The moon…