Sex Is Math

Censorization was, at times, a necessary evil.

Zevi felt his lips curl back, pale face darkening as he eyed the book laid out on the table before him. Then his gaze lifted to the boy with too-wide eyes and a mouth stained brown by chocolate. His gaze dropped back to the book, to the highlighted text, and Zevi felt his brow twitch. He rubbed the bridge of his nose.

After a moment, he raked his hand through his hair as he tried to gather his thoughts. His gaze swept over the page, the contents made all the more obvious by the yellow stain highlighting the words. He ignored the drawings littering the page, most being diagrams the boy couldn’t quite understand. His gaze returned to the child in question, not quite sure if he liked the feeling curling in his chest.

‘Affection,’ a part of his brain rationalized.

‘Weakness,’ the other hissed in his ear.

In that moment, Zevi wasn’t sure how to approach this sort of subject with a child who just happened to be the young, impressionable son of the man who had, for all intent and purposes, abducted him. Granted, his prior living arrangements weren’t all that great, but the point remained. The man forced his father to hand over custody, an unseen blade of raw magic held to his biological father’s throat. Still.

“What does it mean, Zev?”

The teen turned his gaze back to the child, watching as he licked his fingers clean from the thick, earthen-colored substance with renewed vigor. His gaze dropped back to the book, then to the child, and, after a moment, decided the best way to approach the subject was with honest truth. So he leaned forward, bracing his elbows on the table.

He closed the book, rested a long-fingered hand on the cover. “It is a school book, for higher years. It explains how a child is made. A boring process, really. You’ll have no interest in that.”

“But it was talking about something called a peni-” Zevi held up a hand, halting the child in the middle as he said, voice hard, “Boring, it is boring.”

“What’s sex?”

“Math,” Zevi replied evenly, watching with a sense of dark glee as the child’s eyes widened in horror. He leaned across the table, caught the small hand in his and held the boy’s eyes. Face pale, eyes wide, the child shuddered. Zevi grinned. “Sex is math.”

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