Rhythmic Changes

The sun ascended into the sky like a glowing halo of light.

The heavens churned, ribbons of rosy pink and intense violets whirling through the sky as the morning’s first exhale pushed back the dreary, cold shadows. Far below, the earth began to awaken. The ground glittered with shimmering pearls of morning dew, a thousand stars glistening in a sea of green. A breeze ruffled the canopies, the touch soft as it caressed the leaves. The sun crept over the horizon, and those caught within a dream rose.

Tenzin woke with the sun, rising at the same dark hour as he had every day before.

He made his way outside, the wind cold on his naked flesh. His skin rippled with small bumps, flesh upraised as the chill air embraced him. He exhaled, eyes shut and head tilted back to welcome the rising sun. He was relaxed, content. As he expelled the negative energy curled inside him, he welcomed the dawn and the untold wonders it cradled within its arms.

The birds began to sing. Tenzin smiled, then. He held out one hand, silent as a blur of blue took to the sky. Then it dove, talons catching on his skin as it came to a landing on his wrist. Beady black eyes observed him, intelligent and calm. He ran a thumb across the bird’s breast, marveling at the smooth feathers.

The forest yawned behind him, noise stirring in the high grass. He turned to see a stag venture forth, long antlers curved and proud. The mighty creature stood in the distance, watching. Tenzin went back to his work, finding crumbs in his small home.

It was better this way, he knew.

As he spread the crumbs across the ground, he could not stop the content smile spreading across his face. Why would he? Here, in the wild away from a modern, civilized world, Tenzin found peace. He was content to live and exist as a respected member of a society both ancient and new.

The world changed in rhythm, yet always remained the same.

The earth would provide and nurture but, in turn, he too had to do the same.


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