A Spark Of Ember And Candlelight


Born Of Graves And Left Below,
Painted Ashes, Painted Snow.
When The Dark Awakens,
Fires Of Our Last Hope Are Getting Low.

“Fading Light”

Music is something all people can relate to. I stumbled upon this song by chance and it is one I would call hauntingly beautiful. “Fading Light” is a song inspired by a game known as ‘Dark Souls’ and is a game I have seen a bit of. I like watching walk- and playthroughs of video games. I often find myself watching Cryaotic and Markiplier, the two being among my favorite YouTubers to watch. I’m getting ahead of myself, however. This isn’t about gaming (though I certainly wouldn’t mind making it to be as such). This is about a song, one that is special in a way I cannot describe.

When the opening of “Fading Light” began, I was drawn in. It has an air of darkness, yet there is also a deep, underlining sense of sorrow. It is difficult to put in words, but it is the feeling I get. I knew, right from the intro, that I would not need to hear the song all the way through to know I would buy it off Bandcamp. I did just that, too.

This song, it stills my body and I can sway in place with my eyes closed shut. The song itself is what I would consider to be “heavy” in nature. It has all these intricate pieces within it, a system of sounds that create a backstory for the lyrics itself. I can picture a story to this, one that exists outside of ‘Dark Souls.’ That is the purpose of music, I would dare purpose. It is meant to whisk us away, to make us think of something other than our own lives. Music, like a good book, is meant to take us into a different world where the imagination is the limit of what you can experience.

The Aviators have a great many songs I like. Some are covers of video games such as ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s.’ Others, such as “We Are Not Machines,” are songs created by them without references to games of movies or shows on TV. With such diversity, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone. When a singer is able to make so many different sort of songs, everyone can be happy in the end.

So, if you all decide to make a quick stop on YouTube, then check out some of the things above. You might find you like them. If any of you already know about any of these brilliant individuals, you might share what’s your favorite song or video. Or, if you don’t know them, you could always recommend another band or a song or a video for the others to watch. With that, thank you all for stopping by and dipping your feet in the soil of an online world. I’m looking forward to seeing if anyone will share their thoughts.

Souls To Revive Us,
Or Rot Us Away.
Want For The Weary,
And Death For The Sane.

“Fading Light”


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