My Life And Metro Business College

Two months ago, I began the first steps towards an education that will (hopefully) lead me to a career which I can depend on. Today, I took my last test for this semester. Before going into the results, I believe it is best, foremost, to state one thing:

“I am working towards a degree as a Medical Coding and Billing Specialist.”

As much as I love writing, I can’t make a living off of it. To think otherwise, at this point in time, is delusional. I’m currently working as an In-Home Health Care Aide. It isn’t a job I want to do, truly, but my options are limited. My small town doesn’t have many options as far as work goes (especially if you’re out of high school) and my choices are limited.

Hence MBC. By this time next year (if grades are willing), I should be working in some hospital doing desk work. It’ll be steady hours, reliable and mildly more interesting than scrubbing floors and toilets for a living. Don’t get me wrong. I love my clients. They’re all sweet people. I am happy to be able to help them, to provide company when the rest of the world seems to have forgotten they exist.

But it’s not a job I want to do forever.

So, back to MBC. I was taking Keyboarding II (I tested out of Key I at the start of this term), Mathematics, Medical Terminology, A&P I and Personal Development. I also tested out of three English courses before I started. So that’s one semester out of the way, really. I have plans to test out of Microsoft in the upcoming semesters. I’ve taken courses like that before. I have no plan to do a repeat on that end.

Anyway…I passed all my classes. I’m stoked.

In Med. Term, we had a final test known as the ‘Daemon 350.’ I wanted to make a hundred to get the certificate. That didn’t happen. I missed three questions. Three. I feel downright stupid for getting them wrong, too. I’m tired. Didn’t sleep well last night, I can admit freely. However, I am happy that I made a 99% on that test. 3/350 is damn good!

In Personal Development, I had a final too. It was me talking about the class. I made a YouTube video for that one. I titled it “Drowning Deceptions.” You can watch that Here, if you feel the need. I’m thinking about doing more YouTube videos. Well, I’ll be doing one because there’s a song I’m gonna sing for a friend of mine (I’m talking about you, Mike!) because we both decided ‘Why Not?’

I’m excited.

At the same time, I’m worn out. I missed quite a few days of school. A lot’s been going on. My uncle has cancer and is (maybe) dying. Doctors haven’t decided. A family friend died. My grandmother died (I wasn’t overly close to her, she lived about an hour-and-a-half from me). Too many people are gone from my life. So writing helps me keep my head.

Tick Tock, Mind Block
Pen Stop, Eye Pop
Full Shock, Jaw Drop
Time Up, No Luck


This upcoming semester, I have Accounting I, Personal Money Management, A&P II and Pharmacology. It’s going to be a rougher semester. I think the first two should be easy enough courses. Frankly, I’m not sure if anyone is reading this semi-ramble-rant of mine.

I won’t blame anyone. This is just a sort-of update.

I wrote a poem today. First one I’ve done in a long while. I’m wondering if I should do more of those. Should I? If anyone has any ideas or thoughts on that, feel free to share them with me. Eventually I’ll upgrade Wandering Worlds so I can put videos on this site. I think it’s only right I can share what I do with the rest of you instead of having to give you a link to YouTube just in case you want to watch me talk on the screen of your phone or computer or laptop or (kindred forbid) on your television.

As is, that is what’s going on right now. There’s quite a bit. I’m hoping for the best for both myself and everyone else out there in the world. There’s plenty of hardship going around. It’s about time we start passing out well-wishes. Walk strong, walk proudly.




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  1. I’m so proud of you and wow! From what I can tell you have a lot going for you. Take things little by little no need to rush. Stress sometimes plays a factor into rushing things. Having said that, I’m happy for you and proud. You should continue doing more and more poems. Poetry needs its voice to be heard. Poetry needs to inspire communities all over the around and WordPress.

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