War of Words


The World Is Spinning
Churning, Round ‘N Round It Goes
Chaos, Running Mad

I’m King, Lord On High
Planet Earth, Victim Of Mine
Worship Me, You’re Mine

Yours? Not On My Time
King On High? I’d Rather Die
Burning Already

Earth Is My Playground
Heavens Above, Ground Below,
As You See It, Know

How Shallow Is Thee?
Worlds Apart, From Start To End
This Ain’t A Cataspohere!
Stand Together, Not Apart,
Wars Are Won With Bleeding Hearts.

I’m Drowning, Buried!
Suffocating, Cannot Flee
Heart Pounding, Vaguely.

Vaugley? That Can’t Be!
Your World Is Low, A Blind Dream.
I’m Up High, Soaring.

Apocalypse Please,
Destiny, A Fool’s Daydream
Oceans Rise, Surround Me.

Seas Shall Rise, You’ll See,
The Ground You Walk, A Bad Dream.

Fall, The Void’s Waiting.

Enough! Listen Here,
Drowning Star and Tarnished King,
Two Souls, Unknowing
Lights Die, Dawn Will Still Rise!
History Remains, Unafraid.

Drowning, Am I Not?
Forget-Me-Not, Reaching Now,
My Hand Seeking Yours.

King I May Be, Glory,
Seven Kingdoms I Don’t See.
Drowning Star, Guiding.

Rise And Walk, Palms Up
A Gift Awakens, Stand Tall

Earth And Sky Shining
Mighty Oceans Flowing Free
Soul To Soul, Now Uniting.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I relate and know what you are talking about.

    This world is run by madness and the chaos is striking the hearts of humanity. When there is balance there is unity within us all. Love and peace. I love this incredible writing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 93bnmill says:

    The world is run by madness. I let my mind run wild, with my poems. There’s a message up there, but it sort of stays hidden unless I just let it out without thought. I think balance in the world would make things so much better in this world of ours. I do apologize for the late response.

    I’m glad you liked it. It was my first attempt at something a bit longer!


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