The Art Of Love

I will not pretend I am a great artist. I know I’m not. I haven’t painted in years, either. However, my mum is going to St. Louis tomorrow to see my Uncle Terry who is going through chemo for pancreatic cancer. Originally, she wanted me to write ‘I smile because you’re my brother, I laugh because there’s…

Fading Light II

“Put me down! Dad! Put me down!” Harley pushed her hands against the arms holding her off the ground, eyebrows pinched together as Godric and Dan’s laughter joined the fray. She kicked her legs, stomach churning as the world whirled spun around her. When she came to an abrupt halt, she gasped for breath. Clenching…

A Question Unanswered

“Do you love me?” He paused what he was doing, blinking. I leaned into the kitchen counter, my nightshirt hanging off one shoulder. For a moment he simply stared at me. My lips pursed into a tight line as I crossed my arms over my chest, my hands fisting under my breasts. He stood there,…

The Solitary Writer

Each and every one of us on here is a writer of one sort or another. Some of us cover a wide area while others stick to a small corner. I tend to write short pieces of fiction. The genres I cover tend to be varied, however. I do have other things within my pages, though most are stories and…

Golden Silence, Dying Passion

Silence has always been golden. In a city filled to bursting, noise overrode all else. During the day, one could hear the roar of the highway and traffic. At work and school, the constant buzz of electricity within the walls was a constant force. People talk, never quietening for a moment. The juggle of being here,…

Chasing The Darkness

For a moment, Sal thought she wasn’t going to say anything. When she did, her voice was soft. “Have you ever felt the raw energy of the world, Sal? Have you ever walked into a place abandoned by God and felt the cold that lingers there? … it’s a void that sucks in all light. It is like sensing a spirit. You know it for what it is, on an instinctual level, but the logical mind does not know it for it has been programmed to block it out.”

Fading Light

Dagen Valley was a quiet place, separate from the outside world. Rolling hills of forest spread out along all sides of the county road leading into town, the half-hidden welcome sign covered in moss and vines. Harley turned in her seat as they passed it, her attention drawn to ‘Population: 100’ printed on the bottom….

Glowing Horizons

Now You  Are Always Glaring, Cold Hands, Unfeeling, Bitter Are Our Memories. You, Raw And Consumed By Hate, In Need Of Healing, Your Hold, Ancient History. My Touch, A Ghost Filled With Pain, Reaching, Far Away, Seeking Light, Love And Laughter. My Soul, Dancing In The Rain, Bound No More, White Doors, Horizons, Glowing Chapters. Burning,…

City of the Dead

He was already on the Watcher’s radar. He was prey being hunted, his blood staining the runes wound around the Watcher’s wrist like some sort of convoluted, perverted rosary.

Harvest Moon

Shimmering Shadows, Winter Wonderland, Red Glow, Snowflakes Glimmering, Crimson Moon, Slowly Rising, Kneel And Pray, They Are Coming.

Breath of the Wild

Whether Skyward Bound, Adrift In Time Or Stepped In The Glowing Embers Of Twilight, The Sacred Blade Is Forever Bound To The Soul Of The Hero. – Princess Zelda Bosphoramus Of Hyrule I’ll be upfront about one thing: I Am A Huge Zelda Fan! I’m not ashamed to admit it, nor will I ever be. Twenty, thirty, even forty years…

The Future, Hidden Yet Seen

The clean air, the call of the wildlife, it was a symphony to her ears. It was enough to make her forget all the things she was forced to leave behind: her parents, her friends, her school, simple things for hygiene like body wash and a toothbrush. T