An Uneclipsed Sun


Today is a day we all were waiting for. Or some of us were waiting for, anyway.

I belong to the first group. The moment I heard there would be a solar eclipse, I was beyond excited. I’m an earthy person. I give my respect to both Sunne (this is her day, today) and to Mona (he’ll be getting his day one of these days) as surely as I am learning of the other Aesir (not sure if the Anglo-Saxons refer to them by the same term but that’s the one I know at this moment) in my pursuit of understanding the Fyrn Sidu.

However, today may also be Mona’s day. It is the moon which blocks the sun, for a short time. So perhaps both Sunne and Mona are at their peak, Mona reminding all of us that, in the absence of light, there is always hope. It is often hidden behind the darkness, a glimmer of light ready to spill forth in a blinding display of passion and power.

So, yes, today is both Sunne and Mona’s day. The sun and moon crossed paths in the once-sunlit sky. Such a display is something that will draw everyone’s attention. Some might think: Ooh, Shiny! That certainly wasn’t my first thought. It was more along the lines of ‘enchanting.’ This was a day I was looking forward to, even if I was unable to see an eclipsed sun in person.

However, while waiting for something I would not see, I did catch a picture on my camera that is certainly bright and uplifting. It is a vision of the sun seen through a canopy of scattered green, insanely beautiful and alluring all at the same time.


Even though I did not see the eclipse for myself, I did see it on the news. It was beyond beautiful, a starburst of light spilling over the sides of the moon. So powerful is the sun that, in that one instance, blindness could occur for those who stared into that light as it emerged. This is a reminder, really.

While the sun is not of our world, it still oversees it.

The sun has an impact, Her radiance both a force of life and destruction.

This power of life and destruction exists with its counter, a force of darkness and creation. The moon compels the ocean, the ocean supplies much of our food and is the source much of our rain is pulled from. One cannot exist without the other. There is be no light without darkness, there can be no creation without destruction and there can be no progress without sacrifice.

A universal truth, something which has existed before humanity.

Let this sink in so that we all can remember that our lives, full and varied, exists only because the world we live on nurtures us. Let us remember it is the sun and the moon which turn that allows us to continue living (the sun provides heat so we do not freeze, the moon darkness so we may find inner peace).

Above all else, let us be happy.

Let us find peace.


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  1. To be quite honest, I didn’t see the eclipse phenomena that everyone was so hyped about. I wish I did see it…maybe next time the eclipse comes around. 🙂 Hope all is well with you my friend.

    P.S I posted a new poem. 🙂

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