The Kiss of a Monster

The blade hovered inches above her wrist, quivering.

Across from her, Zamat smiled. He was lounging on the sofa, one arm splayed across the back of it like he owned it. Dark, bottomless eyes, dark as a void and as endless as infinite space, gleamed in the flickering shadows of the room. Her gaze shifted from him to the utility knife she held, knuckles pale and palm slick with sweat.

“It isn’t all that difficult,” Zamat propped his chin against her knuckles, white hair falling around him like silver water spilling around an immobile statue. He caught and held her gaze, voice gentle as he said, “Press the blade at the edge of your wrist, let it rest in line with your thumb and then draw it across your skin. A small thing I ask of you, no?”

She grit her teeth. When his hand curled over hers, pressing the blade into her flesh, she winced. Her gaze focused on the bead of red welling up around the knife’s sharp point, a small pearl rising up from the flesh like an offering to appease an angry god.

She swallowed, eyes wide. She watched as tanned fingers wrapped around her hand, settling comfortably across her skin before slowly guiding the knife. Her teeth bit into her lip, breaking the skin. Warmth enveloped her side, closing around her in a loving embrace as sharp teeth caught the tender skin of her earlobe, tugging harshly. She bit back a cry, tears welling in her eyes.

“Your virgin skin, your pain, it’s priceless.”

She dared to disagree. Tears fell, freely. Blood rested heavily on her tongue.

A warm hand cupped her chin, tilting her head up. Her cheek pressed against his, their noses touching. His breath trailed lazily across her senses. His fingers trailed across her skin, weaved into her hair and held her tight as his mouth brushed hers. “Don’t forget why we’re here. We had an agreement, no?”

She wanted to cry.

He chuckled against her mouth, gentle kisses ghosting her skin as he said, “You offered yourself to me as an offering, child. I can make you do anything I want for as long as the contract is active. If you disobey…”

He grinned against her neck. She cried silently, knife forgotten as he exposed her throat. She didn’t feel the blade cutting through the skin, didn’t feel the sting of its deadly kiss as he caressed her eyelids with his lips. She didn’t feel the burn from the wound, her body caught by the sheer force that was this monster.

His mouth ghosted the shell of her ear, his voice a husky whisper as he said, “Disobey me, child, and your friends and family will die.”


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