Trapped Within The Madness II

The slow, steady drizzle of rain drew Ellie from her dreams.

She shifted where she laid, groggy and disorientated. Ellie slowly sat up, cold and wholly confused. She eyed her surroundings, blinking slowly as she ran her hands across the damp stones beneath her. Rising on all sides were stone walls, broken and crumbling as the first rays of dawn inched over the horizon. As Ellie stood, she realized one thing:

She didn’t know where she was.

Ellie turned in a hard circle, eyes widening as she realized she didn’t know where she was. She couldn’t hear anything. There were no distant, humming whispers. Gone were the echoing cries, the soft pleas for help no more. There was no one other than herself, no sound she could hear other than the deafening silence in a world too quiet.

The edges of her vision began to pulse black. Her breath came in hard gasps as she staggered back a few steps, one hand flying out to hit the nearest wall. Ellie’s nails bit into the stone, sharp bursts of pain shooting up her arm as the overwhelming silence, the lack of anything familiar, filled her.

She didn’t know where she was.

‘I’m alone,’ Ellie wrapped her arms around herself. Alone. She pressed close to the wall, gaze darting from one corner of the street to the next. Abandoned cars rested, doors wide open. Shops were empty, the glass from the broken windowpanes littering the streets with invisible shards. ‘I’m alone. There’s no one here. Oh god, I’m alone…’

She was panicking. Ellie knew she was on the edge of hyperventilating. She could barely breathe, her body was shaking and there was this intense ‘whoosh, whoosh’ sound in her ears that made her think she was underwater or drowning. She turned, tears welling up in her eyes as she cast her gaze across the empty streets of what she knew to be a mockery of Krimson City. Or what was supposed to be Krimson City?

When she turned, she did realize that, behind her, was Beacon. The hospital seemed to come out of the ground, absent one moment and then suddenly there. Screaming cop cars littered the front of the building, dead officers lay in pools of blood. Off to the side, she heard the screech of an ambulance and she turned, eyes wide, as a medical van came careening directly at her.

Ellie screamed. She threw herself out of the way, nearly falling when a strong hand caught her arm and her feet left the ground. She instinctively reached back, a shrill scream leaving her as the road suddenly dropped out from under where her feet would be if she had been standing there.

The earth dropped out into nothing inches from the edge of the wheel.

Ellie found the arm that had grabbed hold of her, feet kicking the empty air. She felt an empty window hitting the back of her thighs before she was hauled into the passenger seat, draped across the lap of a dark-haired cop that still had a tight grip on her. In the backseat, she heard someone say, “Is she alright?”

“You alright, ma’am?” Ellie’s gaze slowly went up to the man that had grabbed her, that had saved her, and she slowly nodded. Her mouth was dry. He offered her a metal flask with a smile. When she took a drink, she nearly spat it out. He patted her back. “Whiskey isn’t for everyone, but it’ll wet your throat. I’m Sebastian, by the way.”

She handed him the flask, turning slowly to look into the back of the ambulance. A few people were already back there, one being a doctor who was tending to his patient. The other was a woman, a cop from the looks of it. As Ellie eyed the group, she introduced herself before asking, “What’s going on? What’s happening to the city?”

“Not a damn clue,” Sebastian stated, face grim. Ellie eyed this man, his amber-colored eyes steely as he shot a look at the rearview mirror. “Where’d you come from, anyway?”

Ellie wasn’t sure how to answer that question. She told him as much, too.

“Damn,” the cop ran a hand through his hair, face lined. He pointed to the path ahead of them, the other cop driving steadily through empty streets as Sebastian said, “I was hoping you might know something. Did you see any cops before I grabbed you?”

“No,” Ellie eyed him for a long moment, not quite sure why he asked. The officer driving glanced over at them, voice soft as he said, “I waited as long as I could. Maybe Joseph found a different way out. He’s more than able.”

In the back of the ambulance, the doctor was whispering to his patient. Ellie wasn’t able to hear what, exactly, the man was saying. The boy, however, was rocking back-and-forth in his seat, hands clasped around his head. When she looked at the review mirror, she was startled to see a familiar, robed man staring down at the doctor with contempt in his eyes. Sebastian, sitting under her, startled with enough force to jar her, nearly throwing her to the floor as he whipped around to look into the back of the ambulance.

When the boy started screaming ‘fall’ over and over again, she hadn’t expected for the ambulance to plummet. She only knew that they were driving through a city crumbling into nothing one moment and the next they were falling. She grabbed onto the cop’s shoulders, buried her face against a taut neck as his arms closed around her. His last scream – “Brace for impact!” – was drowned out by the thousand screams clawing at her mind. She was out before the van hit the ground.


Author’s Note

I wasn’t expecting to add anything extra to this, but here it is. It’s shy of 1,000 words. Not all that much, I know, but I wanted to add a little something extra. ‘The Evil Within’ is a game I love, one I hope to play myself one day. I had the beginnings of this already put down and I thought it best to share this before stating ‘Trapped Within The Madness’ will only have two installments on WordPress.

I’ll be continuing this, slowly but surely, on For those who would like to keep tabs on my works in worlds already established, then click hereI would like to state I do like the fact so many of you have liked this very odd, whacky story-of-sorts. I do have an idea for a story that draws inspiration from ‘TEW’ and many other stories of horror and survival. It’s still being developed, so we’ll come back to that at a later date.

I’ll be seeing you all later. For now, however, I have another story to jump into.


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