Curious Thoughts III

With Any Attitude Embrace Gratitude It’s Simply A Case Of Mind Over Matter Defying All Latitudes Advertisements

Full Circle

Seasons Change, Time Flows Weather Churns, Life On The Bellow These Things I May Prefer Be It Spring And Fall All Happens, No Detours The Wheel Of Life Turns As We Ascend, So Shall We Grow

NanoWriMo’s 2017 Prep Month: An Unconvential Ending

There are three days left of this month, making today the 28th of October. For those who are keeping up with me, I’m going to participate in NanoWriMo this year. I have most of the book figured out, though I have to put most of it down in writing. These last few weeks have been chaotic. My…

Mental Ramble

Sometimes I Can’t Tell If This Life Is A Dream Or If None Of It Is Real This World And My Mind They Are Gray And Surreal

Curious Thoughts II

Choose Your Identity Wisely For How You Portray Yourself Will Create The Person You Will Be. 

Welcome To Surgery

Lavender Gown,  Hospital Cap Whose Identity Is That? Feeling Lethargic  And Overly Fat, Missing Dogs Missing Cats Work? Who Does That? Homework, Late Can’t Recall Today’s Date. Welcome To Surgery, Long Nights Long Hours No One Feels A Need To Rush I’ll Be Fine, Remember  Burn All The Gurneys.

Past, Present, And Future

Life’s trademark runs in circles, never ending.  Past and present, always blending. The future, hidden but still in the process of rendering. 

Sirloin Stockade 

For those of you who keep up, life is one hell of a ride right now. My mum has a tumor right above her liver and the doctors are sure it’s cancer. They’re treating it as if it is, just to be safe. She has surgery scheduled for next week and chemo after that (once…

Curious Thoughts: I

Expect The Unexpected, For The Soul’s Knowledge, And Its Divine Wisdom, Is All But Selective.  

The Mind Of An Apathetic Woman

Over the last few weeks, life has swung into the part of life that occurs after we find ourselves blindsided. My mum’s in the hospital. It turns out that she might have cancer but we won’t know until more tests are done. My personal life is upside down. Between school, my mum and her health, my job,…