Sirloin Stockade 

For those of you who keep up, life is one hell of a ride right now.

My mum has a tumor right above her liver and the doctors are sure it’s cancer. They’re treating it as if it is, just to be safe. She has surgery scheduled for next week and chemo after that (once her body heals from an aggressive, five-hour operation) for two months at the very least. On top of that, it’s been recommended that both my sister and I get tested for cancer because of the fact that this ailment runs in our family.

Life is rather fucked up, at this moment in time.

Despite that hanging over our heads, we went out and had a bit of fun together. This came after the trips to Social Security and Social Services. And the dentist. With all that’s happened, we decided to go to Khols (I got an amazing Zelda T-Shirt that has a green and yellow Triforce on it) and then to the  Sirloin Stockade.

I’m not on here as much as I would like. One day, I’m going to get published. Then I can spend more time writing and connecting to all of you then having to worry about finding a bloody second job to cover my pathetic Work Schedule of 20 Hours Bi-Weekly. That’s all I’m working, ya know? When I started college, my boss cut my hours drastically and now I only work during the weekend.

Enough of that. This is going to start sounding like a bloody pity-party.

I’m out with my mum and we’re eating. I get a wonderful idea.

Every time mum and I go out and eat without my sister, mum tells me, “Take a picture of your food and send it to your sister.” She would start to laugh because, to be honest, my sister would (usually) make some kind of sarcastic remark about us going to eat without her. We always get a kick out of it. It’s fun and we can do it all the time, unlike the one Christmas when we got her a Barney plushy as a crack gift.

So I thought, “Why not take a picture of my food and post it on WordPress?”

The below is just that! Enjoy!

The above is chicken, green beans, and mashed potatoes with cheese sauce.

I always get a rather odd response to the ‘cheese’ part. If you haven’t tried it, then do so. It’s amazing. It’s a rather good combo. And I can never pass up the Fried Yard Bird (that’s what I called chicken when I was a kid because I couldn’t say ‘chicken’ with ease) when it’s an option. Green beans are one of the few veggies I’ll eat.

This disgusting mixture is a combination of pickles, cubed fruit and…something. Only one of the mentioned foods ended up in my stomach (pickles). The fruit and the white, lumpy food that I have no name for were revolting. Which is surprising. I like fruit.

Just not that fruit.

The pickles, however, were amazing.

This here is a closeup of my potatoes and cheese.

Just look at it! Doesn’t that picture make you want to eat it yourself? It’s 10:23PM right now and my mouth is watering. I really want to go back and get some more of that. Or find out what kind of cheese they use so I can do that myself.

By Enivid Rekam, I’m hungry again. Which isn’t okay because I try not to eat anything after 6PM. The Rocky Road I have on hand is the exception, though. I have every plan to eat that before going to bed.

Just watch – tomorrow, that can of ice cream is gonna be gone!

Here’s the last photo. It’s mum. She was getting ready to take a bite of her food and I snapped a quick photo. Frankly, she doesn’t look all that sure what she’s supposed to do with the food on her plate in this picture.

Which makes sense, really.

She was on a liquid diet for almost two weeks when she was at the hospital. Today she had a massive plate of food in front of her and she didn’t finish all of it. I didn’t finish mine either. Ever have the ‘eyes bigger than stomach’ syndrome? That’s what I had today and it wasn’t all that pleasant.

Despite it being a buffet, I feel like I wasted my food. I didn’t eat all of it.

Not sure what I think about that.

Anyway, this is a small glimpse into the craziness of my life. Things are going well even with all the shit being thrown at me and my family. We’re getting through it. Hopefully some of you are inspired to have cheese sauce with your potatoes in the future (which also goes well with chicken!) and I’ll be in contact sooner or later.

Have a lovely night.


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  1. 19dlm94 says:

    Awesome food pic!

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