Hidden Spirit 

Never Will I Tell Where I Hid It Be It In An Office Or A Canyon  Some People Will Never Get It My Goals Are Greater Than Ganon’s For My Soul Is Composed Of More Than A Mere Snippet Advertisements

Deadly Game

The platform trembled. Abel grabbed onto the railing, skin loosing color as the sides of the floor came apart and dropped at sharp angles. He stared, unable to believe his eyes. The Warom was changing, the mechanics shifting – this was supposed to be illegal. The Warom Commander stood off the side, on the other…

Naked Honesty

Carrie was certain it was a clan of gremlins behind the ensuing, political chaos. Everyone else thought it was some kind of unified enemy wanting to take over the world. The attack on the Internet, the faulty Stoplights, the train tracks shifting lanes without warning – everyone said these were obvious signs of a terrorist attack. She…

Curious Thoughts V

Love Thy Enemies. For Those Who Hold Festering, Hatred, Ugly Thoughts At Their Heart Still Bleed Crimson Redsu Their Lack Of Mercy Makes Us Stronger.  

Curious Thoughts IV

The World Is Full Of Wonder. Stardust, Only Glorified Rust. To Survive Tar And Sludge,  Remember This: Do Not Judge.


Saria trekked through the humid, wet woodland that was the Alucarian Forest, her dark hair plastered to her face and neck. It was difficult to move, her body weary from months of traveling. She whiped the sweat from her brow with the back of her hand; the estate couldn’t be much further, not after the…

The Ocean, An Unshakable Will

The wind howled, a steady onslaught of noise and chaos. Layla shielded her face, blue eyes narrowed in concentration. Beneath her, the tightrope shuddered as the boat hit another cresting wave. For the first time in a long time, she felt faint and unsure of herself. Could she do this? Could she succeed where everyone else had…

Attempting To Draw…Again

Some of you might already know that I, from time-to-time, like to draw. I was once a rather good artist. I’ve carried a deep love of manga and anime. From a young age, I’ve worked to draw in a style I liked a great deal. As I got older, I drew less and wrote more….

Nightmare Pasta

Beware The Pasta For Many Of The Horrors  And The Nightmares Which Lurk, Hidden  Are The Work Of A Proxy


Drawing isn’t something I spend a lot time doing. Today is the exception to this. I was doodling a bit and drew this. Thought I would be nice and share the horror that is an out-of-practice drawer. Hope it isn’t too horrid.