Attempting To Draw…Again


Some of you might already know that I, from time-to-time, like to draw. I was once a rather good artist. I’ve carried a deep love of manga and anime. From a young age, I’ve worked to draw in a style I liked a great deal.

As I got older, I drew less and wrote more. This is something I’m trying to fix. I like to draw and some of the stories in my head can only be told, fully, through art. However, I’m no longer a great artist. And, like most people who tend to do more visual art styles, I, too, have something I struggle with. Many ‘somethings,’ though. I’m rusty.

There is no panacea when drawings are concerned. Below is a slow-moving slideshow of four different drawings I’m trying to learn how to do…again. One of them I am proud of. The others…make me cringe. However, I think it is only right that I share these because I need to share something here on WordPress. It might not be my stories, but this is something artsy I think many of you will enjoy regardless.

I suck at drawing hands. That’s all there is to that. However, before trying this, I couldn’t even draw a hand. Now I can do it…somewhat? At least it looks like a hand. Usually, when I try to draw, I have the hands out of the picture or behind whatever I’m attempting to draw. However, I’d like to get to the point where I can draw without having to hide anything because of a lack of skill.

The eyes, though? I did a pretty damn good job on those, didn’t I?

Eyes are easier. I’m not sure what I’m going to tackle next. I have a shitload of tutorials on YouTube to look through. This is a small post, but I hope everyone enjoyed what I have on here. My attempt at art is an ongoing war. I’m not loosing, yet. Which is a good thing, I think. At least I’m not dying on the battlefield, surrounded by drying ink.



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