Saria trekked through the humid, wet woodland that was the Alucarian Forest, her dark hair plastered to her face and neck. It was difficult to move, her body weary from months of traveling. She whiped the sweat from her brow with the back of her hand; the estate couldn’t be much further, not after the three day hike through the mountainous juggle that caged the ancient, noble household in on three sides.

She was eager to get to her destination. Saria adjusted the almost-empty pack resting on her back, grim determination pushing her forward. Once she reached the estate, she could clean up. She could eat. She could finally sleep in a bed.

She could innocently plot the downfall, and murder, of the Carian legacy.

But first she would have to sludge through months of manual labor. As she climbed over the last steps, the manor began to appear. Pausing at the edge of the estate grounds, Saria admired the visage unfolding before her eyes. She took in the sight of the place she would live, a ghost among nobility. 

A servant, seen but unheard.


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