Mill’era Farm!

Homework, dogs, college, work, and video games. These are all such simple, important things! Near Or Far, I Love Them All, Dancing Madly, Don’t Fall! The year is ending and we’re all moving onto new and better things. I have been part of WordPress for a little over a year now, though I have only…

Depression Unmasked

“What do you want me to say?” How many times have I asked this question? How often have these words left my mouth, how many times have they circled in my thoughts? What do you want me to say? I know better than to expect an answer. You don’t have to say it for me to know…

What It Means To Be Alive

In the grand thing we call life, there are three kinds of moments: There are “Good Moments” There are “Neutral Moments” There are “Horrid Moments” Everyone knows about these things. It’s part of the circle of life, these moments. These little specks of time, they define who people become. They are the makeup of the human…

Sweet Silver Bells

The Cold Awakens, Silver Bells Calling For Snow, Infinite Hearts Sing.


He was haunted, always running. His demon, always chasing.

Dealing with the Devil: II

The following week was spent traversing the dangers of the cave. It was a process by which Adria was somewhat used to. Having to be hooked up to a harness and lowered into a pit by another student still unnerved her, the ground a spinning vortex that made her lightheaded and short of breath. She…

Dark Holly

The Halls Have Yet  To Be Decked With Crimson Holly. The Children Run In A World Not   Bright Or Jolly. The Shadow Man Creeps. Plants Nightmares In  Our Sleep. The Art Of  Not Believing Is A True Folly.

White World

“What’s the temperature out here?” The question drew Viktor’s gaze from the Omnitool strapped to his forearm. Dark eyebrows furrowed as he eyed the redhead hunched against the imposing wall of the mountain. His gaze shifted to the device on his arm. “Negative thirty-nine degrees and counting.” Stanley cursed. Viktor frowned.  “Of all the days to…

Dealing with the Devil: I

The sun was unbearably high in the sky, a glowing disk burning against an azure backdrop. A group of people marched through the sandy, mountainous terrain with large, straw hats perched on their heads. Each wore a backpack, a massive force that weighed their steps deeper into the uneven, unforgiving earth. All of them clutched…

Words of Wisdom

Ask Not A Woman Her Age, Test Not Her Humility Or Patience, Take This Lesson And Print It To An Eternal Page, For Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Suffering From Impatience.