When The Boys Gotta Go

Tony and Dova are characters all on their own. I’m crazy about these two, even when they’re wallowing all over me because they know it is time for them to “go.” Enjoy their insanity! Advertisements

Like Lover’s Do

There was something about the house that brought out the worst in those who walked its ancient hallways. Danny knew this better than most, having lived there most of her life, and the estate had a life of its own. It was aware, in a way. It was old and broken, the old building clinging…

A Solemn Wish

<…A Solemn Wish…> Hello, everyone! I’m on a roll, am I not? I got another video done and wanted to share it. This one is better than the last one was, as far as knowing how to make the videos and how to apply the music in a way that is appealing. I wanted to…

The Student That Is Also A Teacher

In life, we are students and teachers. This is a universal truth, one each of us is aware of in some shape, way or form. It isn’t the easiest thing to embrace, the role of a student and teacher. For years, each of us takes the role of student. We strive to learn all we…

A Winter Nightmare

    It has been well over a week since my last post and this one, I’d say, comes as a great, but pleasant, shock for us all! This is one of the reasons I’ve been absent, of late. I’ve been working hard on getting familiar with a new form of story-telling. This is my first attempt…

Innocence of a Child

Children Are Like Trees, They Are Guileless, Wildly Free. Look Into Their Winsome Eyes So Young, No Trace Of Lies. They Grow, Strong And Sure The Test Of Time They Endure They Rise At The End, Ever Pure.

A Troubled Mind

There’s something about digatal art that makes me grin. The things I create through it are something I haven’t seen before – which, really, makes me grin. The picture below was one I created in under ten minutes, but it’s something so…out there that I felt I had to share it with all you lovely people….