A Solemn Wish

<…A Solemn Wish…>

Hello, everyone!

I’m on a roll, am I not? I got another video done and wanted to share it. This one is better than the last one was, as far as knowing how to make the videos and how to apply the music in a way that is appealing. I wanted to add a video to this second post of the day because of the nature of the video itself – how, in the coldest and darkest part of our lives, we all crave one thing: comfort and unconditional love.

‘A Solemn Wish’ is one of my usual stories, only it’s applied in a video. It took me several hours to make it, considering I had to keep changing the timing so the text could be read without having to pause the video (if any of you had a hard time with that – let me know so I can improve it in future videos). I’m working on improving these videos (and all future ones that are in the making) so all of you can enjoy them.

The story centers around an orphaned child, one who craves a family of her own. For a long time, she has heard the older children talk about a spirit who would grant the wish of any who earned its favor – yet, even after seeing the creature and doing all she could, this one child remains an orphan until she’s a young adult (in many cultures, once the orphan hits the age of majority, they are kicked out of the orphanage).

At the end, though, we learn the spirit, in the shape of a rabbit, had not allowed itself to be caught because no one else will see it after her. Two souls, both lonely, find a fragile comfort in each other despite the misery surrounding them. Coupled with the music, the story is, I think, quite a good one. I’m still learning, however, so this is all very new to me.

The idea of this came to me, quite suddenly, when I was listening to the song ‘Lithium’ from Elfen Lied. Myuuji, who is the original artist of the piano cover I slightly altered, is the one who the song came from. When I was listening to the song, the story came to me at a moment of clarity. I knew, in that moment, if I didn’t write it down…

If I so much as blinked, the story would be lost and we all would mourn.

This is for all of you and I hope you enjoy ‘A Solemn Wish.’


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