The Student That Is Also A Teacher


In life, we are students and teachers.

This is a universal truth, one each of us is aware of in some shape, way or form. It isn’t the easiest thing to embrace, the role of a student and teacher. For years, each of us takes the role of student. We strive to learn all we can, to relearn who we are and where, in the great circle of life, we fit. We are more than students in those moments – we are also the teachers which inspire those who observe us from afar.

There is no middle ground, not in this grand world where we are discovering who we are. Life isn’t about learning who we are: it’s about re-learning who we are, who we are meant to be. The soul already knows, but the mind has forgotten.

No longer as we agile souls, content in our knowledge and ability. This is something that has come upon us, faster and harder than any of us could prepare for. It is the lesson of our lives, the knowledge that all we know has always been in our hands, but this knowing, this wisdom, has been beyond our reach when we most need it. This unfairness of life, this core truth, is one that strikes deep and hard.

The answer, however, is simple.

We have the answers: we only have to open ourselves to them.

Humanity has a habit of wandering in the darkness, of groping blindly for the rockface of a cliff. We hope that, upon finding our balance, we won’t fall. This is foolhardy. If we were to blink once, the vision would suddenly be gone. If we were to think too hard, the thoughts will vanish under the stress of an unhappy situation.

This is something I know. I face this every day.

As a writer, I know groping blindly is likely to end in failure. Without some idea on what I’m trying to do, or where I’m trying to go, I will fall. Part of growing is learning how to fall, of learning to stare the monsters in us in the face. Becoming better versions of ourselves often requires the carefully-honed skill of remaining calm when the rest of the world is trying to drive us into the earth.

We are students because we are learning how to live, day-to-day.

We are teachers because our lessons, the good and the bad, are always seen.

It is our choice, in the end, how those lessons are used – for the better or the worst.


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