Like Lover’s Do


There was something about the house that brought out the worst in those who walked its ancient hallways. Danny knew this better than most, having lived there most of her life, and the estate had a life of its own. It was aware, in a way. It was old and broken, the old building clinging to the visages of a blackened, crumbling past that was better off dead and forgotten than remembered. She would never have returned if it wasn’t for Chandra and her unexpected downward spiral into sickness.

Danny wondered what would happen when she tried to leave, this time. The thought left her feeling cold, on the inside. As she made her way through the hallways, soft music whispering through the hallways, she wondered why her sister had dared venture into their childhood home. It made little sense, to return to this place after everything that had happened in this house.

She wondered if their bedroom still had the bloodstains in it.

The sun was beginning to set when Danny hear the laughter and conversation coming from the back of the house. She backtracked, steering away from rooms that held too many bad memories, and paused on the landing overlooking the back foyer. A few men were there, tattered coats of leather open and their belts heavy with lead. She eased away, her pulse picking up as she took a side hallway towards the front of the house.

When she went around a corner, a man was leaning against the wall. As she slowed to a stop, a slow smile spread across his face. Danny stepped backward as he pushed off the wall, impossibly tall. Danny swallowed, uncomfortable as he lit a cigarette. She noticed the side of his neck, on how it was bruised with bite marks and lipstick.

“So, you’ve finally come home,” his gait was calm and unhurried, his dark gaze focused on her. When Danny took another step away, he chuckled. He caught her by the wrist, moving fast and soundlessly, as he said, “Chan, she wasn’t all that happy to see us. You, though? Surely you’re happy, Danny. You remember me, don’t you?”

Downstairs, the phone started to ring.

His gaze left her, directed towards the dark hallway and the branching corridors. When it rang again, he looked back to her as he asked, “Who did you tell, Danny?”

“A few people,” she wasn’t stupid enough to return to this house and its history without letting someone know she was coming. Danny swallowed, wrist limp in his hand, as she said, “What happened to Chandra, Miguel. What did you do?”

In the distance, the unholy trill of the phone was cut off.

He chuckled. “We all have secrets, Danny. Chan wasn’t as innocent as you like to think.”

“That wasn’t what I asked,” Danny eyed his hand, eyed the hard and thick fingers wrapped around her wrist, before looking him in the eye. He held her gaze, expression devoid of anything resembling warm or friendly. Exhaling, sharply, Danny said, “I want to know what happened to my sister. Why is she in the hospital? Why are you here?”

Miguel smiled, a look caught between something dark and hungry and an angel trying to free itself from its tainted, mortal prison. When he pulled her into the shadows of the corridor, towards the stairs and where the rest of his friends resided, Danny couldn’t bring herself to stop him. As they descended the stairwell, she couldn’t look away from the dark glint in his eyes and the sharp, inhuman smile on his face.

When he spoke, the estate seemed to stir. “Come, Danny. I’ll show you.”

Author’s Note

The one good thing about being able to put videos in my posts is the ability to show which song inspired whatever morbid thought is going through my head. I’m unable to do much more than this, as far as videos go. For those of you who enjoyed my stories with the music…that has come to an end. I no longer have my own computer and the library computer won’t download my videos without some kind of error happening.

This can be rather irritating. It’ll be three or four months before I can get a new PC, though I am more than happy with being able to jump onto WordPress. The library is a good place for this, as I can access YouTube and listen to my music. That feature, being able to link an actual video here on WP, is a nice addition. Though there are other features, each that I’m learning a bit about.

The “Payment Button” is something I’m not accustomed to, either. The only thing I know about the ‘Add’ button is putting pictures and videos, not “payments” and “contact forms.” I’ve never used anything other than pictures, in the beginning. Now I add music because I love music.

Being the curious creature I am, I decided I’d go ahead and see how the Donation option looks. I’ve been wondering about it for a while, now. The next little part (and last part) of this post is me seeing what I’m curious about. I like knowing what I can do and all that jazz. It’s more for my own experimentation than anything else, though I won’t complain if any of you decide to hit that little button!

But, yeah, the “Donations” is more of a ‘let’s see what this does!’ than anything else.

Anyway, I hope each of you enjoyed the short, vague story.

I also hope you like the song! I just recently found it and found it interesting, and the small piece of literature above is the scene that came to mind. I’ll upload new things as often as I can, though it all depends on when I’m able to get to the library and work on my blog (something I’ve been trying to do more). College Accounting takes up a lot of my time, these days! So thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you all next time!






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