Lov’engence: A Review of Daria Cohen’s ‘The Duke and Missy.”

Hello everyone and welcome back to my side of the internet. Today is a day, one that is so very special, one that so many people are excited about. Today is the world-renowned Valentine’s Day! I was quite curious about how I would do today’s post, given I haven’t put anything up in a few days (and my creative juices are currently brewing), and then I came up with a brilliant idea. While many people see this day as a time of love, a day to be close to those you are in a relationship with, there are those people who hate this day or this day, in general, leaves a sour taste in their mouth.

I understand the sentiment all too well.

Valentine’s Day hasn’t every really been a big deal for me, given I’ve never had a significant other in my life. I had a boyfriend or two in the past, but the question –

“Will you go out with me?”

– is a question that hasn’t popped up. I certainly don’t have a promise ring, either (I’m a tad old fashioned, in that regard). So when people sneer at the Holiday of Love, I can, in my own way, see where they’re coming from (though I think they, like me, are simply upset about not having a special someone to spend the day). Because of this, I thought I’d step away from the Romance and hit the darker side of it with a sense of humor.

I recently watched ‘The Night’ by Daria Cohen on YouTube, a video that had me laughing and grinning from start to finish. The songs are addictive, the storyline is interesting, and the artwork is enjoyable. Those videos are all posted below, split up by my own commentary. It is my hope that when these videos pop up, you’ll take a moment to watch them before continuing on with the rest of the post.

So let’s start with ‘Chapter One: The Night.”

A Vampire’s Attempt At Seduction
Doesn’t Turn Out Well For The Duke

This video starts as any other does, when one looks at Gothic Romance.

There’s the charming, attractive Duke and Missy, a girl escaping into a vampire’s home to read a book. It starts like any comedy, really, considering it is an animation. While most just watch a video, like it, and go on with their life – I took it a step further. I started analyzing what’s going on once the second, and then third, episode was posted on YouTube. While this video itself is humorous, there is a darker undertone that really does make one stop and think.

As far as I’m able to tell, the Duke simply wants a Duchess (even if it means acquiring her by force) and he doesn’t care how it has to happen. As a vampire, it’s readily obvious that seduction is part of game and so is compulsion (the scene when he has Missy on strings).

This alone really point out how some relationships aren’t all that healthy, and can be dangerous, and how it’s easy to get tangled up in someone else’s manipulations. Missy is a strong girl, however, and knows her best way to get free of the Duke is by playing his game long enough until she can free herself (at the cost of almost getting assaulted).

However, playing a vampire’s game never ends well. He may be banished, but Missy, once an innocent girl, feels the effects of what survival costs her. But the Duke is gone, gone and dead, and that’s that…right?

A Vampire’s Death
In Body and In Love
Seems To Be TOO Happy

The Duke Is Dead.

Despite this, he seems to be having quite a bit of fun. Though he had nearly done a horrid thing, he’s living life as the King of the Underworld. There’s no remorse for what he had done, there’s no reflection, there’s nothing which shows that he has paid for what he has done. This, I think, is a rather good reflection on what happens to abusers when they are punished for their crimes by getting a slap on the wrist or a few years in jail.

Sure, he might have been lonely, but he screwed up a girl’s life.

Getting off easy and having a grand vacation in the Underworld is an insult to an obvious wound, one that has to be rectified. Yet if he’s in the Underworld, good and dead and enjoying the perks of ruling over the damned, how can he get the punishment he so deserves for attempting to seduce/rape a girl before being killed by said girl?

This comes in a rather unexpected, but hilarious, chapter called “Resurrection.”

When “Attempted” Seduction Turns To Revenge
Not Even The Duke Is Without Fear

Now, in the first chapter, I’m shocked the Duke wasn’t suspicious of Missy when she went along with his plans. They danced, he hoisted her up onto a statue, was starting to expose bits of her – really, he should have been suspicious considering how hard she was trying to get away seconds before that. Really, really suspicious.

Death, however, didn’t help the Duke.

He’s brought back and he doesn’t even seem to question it. He’s surprised to be back, but that’s about it. He goes on, knows someone’s in his house, and then Missy shows up. She has more than enough power to make her displeasure known to him, and she does so in a way that can’t be ignored. She gets the vengeance she craves, and she does it in style while letting him know he is so unwanted.

She brings him back from a wonderful life in the Underworld to kick him out of his house. Now that, my friends, is what we call payback. She gives him a dose of his own medicine, but I hardly doubt the Duke is going to sit by in the rain and let it go on.

This, I think, is a rather good sum of what people who hate Valentine’s Day feel towards the Holiday of Love and their relationship with it once they got burned. I am interested in knowing what all of you think, in regards to this, and I hope each and every one of you are having a grand day (with or without a special someone by your side). With all that said, I’d like to say ‘good day’ and be off.

I’ll be seeing all of you next time!


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    These animations are hilariou!

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