A New Turn

Define: Inefficient

If we ask Google, we learn that inefficient means not achieving maximum productivity and/or wasting or failing to make the best use of time or resources. For those of you who do these daily prompts, the words we are given can spark an idea, can make us stop and think, or bring about an irrational surge of rage. When I see “inefficient,” I am taken by a mixture of the three.

So what do I think when I see inefficient? I see PCOS and how it impacts my body. This morning marked the first day in over two years where I have had a menstrual cycle. All you ladies out there know how important this is, if you know what “the time of the month” is all about. For those of you who don’t – it’s vital for female reproductive health.

Which has been most inefficient for me for quite a while. See what I did there?

I had a hormone trial for 10 days, and, five days later, the wanted outcome has arrived. I hope it’s here to stay, truthfully. No matter the pain or discomfort. However, when I look at this condition I have, I am also reminded how inefficient I am with managing my school and my health, with keeping up with the resources to loose weight and be a healthy, happy person. Things I enjoyed have slipped between my fingers due to sheer laziness and a lack of interest (a sign of depression, which is linked to the apathy I also have which, in turn, is directly linked to PCOS – life is a bitch, my friends. Treat her nicely less you wish to be put in a hard spot).

There’s a lot that has to be done, on my end. I have to get my addiction to food under control so I stop gaining unneeded and utterly unwanted weight. I’m almost a hundred pounds overweight. I’m not okay with that. I need to get my weight under control, but I eat too damn much. It’s a vicious cycle.

Which brings me to the big portion of this: I’m going on a diet called Keto which will help teach me about nutrition (I have nutrition books and eating clean books) and how to bring about a healthy me. This is vital. I want to be happy, to be healthy, and now I have to do the work on figuring it out.

Honestly, each of us have that one place in our life where we don’t put in the work we should. Figure it out. Fix it. You’ll thank yourself (and maybe me, if this random burst of words cut you deep enough to make you get up and move) in the long run. If you have questions, or simply want to talk about PCOS or issues you might be having, leave a comment and I’ll do what I can to answer.

So enjoy your day, count your blessings, and stop slacking.

Your health, and thus your life, depend on it.




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