Black Bird III

The rhythmic beat of her heart echoed in the darkness. It was a song of its own, each echoing beat sending a ripple of color and distorted images washing over a landscape of black nothingness. Terra floated in the middle of it all, eyes half-lidded as if drugged and body heavy. In the distance, she…

Bing Bong! Catchy Song!

‘I’m Looking, A Markiplier Song’ by Endigo For all of you who know me, I am a person with various interests. This blog of mine is a place where all my oddities come together to create a ‘WTF IS THIS?’ Today I intend to do one thing some of you may like or others may…

Quiet Love

Silent Watcher Sighs Affection He Will Bestow Lasting Promises.


Empty Feelings Lie Vague Within Me Evermore Shadows Haunt My Dreams.

Karma’s Lot

Stirrings Of Forgotten Thoughts, Partake In My Mind’s Wake, Hesitate Not To Draw Lots, Chance Not A Soul’s Hate, Destiny Has Been Wrought.

Calling The Genie

They Say That, With Pain, The World Is An Unfriendly Thing, Like A Genie, There’s Always A Wish For Healing Rain. When Tears Flow, The Body Still Grows, And Pain, A Memory, Will Fade, No More A Blade.

Black Bird

The court of House Davanar was a rush of movement, men and woman dressed in their finest all in a state of disarray. Terra Amirian was one of the few who swept through the long, wooden corridors with an air of calm, long, curling black hair cascading over her shoulders. She had a ledger in…

Black Bird II

Life within House Davanar was a hectic one, filled with subtle drama and danger. Maids and gentleladies hurried about, their skirts pulled up. Men yelled across vast chambers, turning and strutting away with an air of self-importance. Terra swept through the throngs of people, each step quick and precise. She didn’t need to raise her…

Life: Moving Forward

As a woman, there’s a lot that goes on that doesn’t really get discussed. For those of you who do known me, you’ll know I have (but not diagnosed, just yet) PCOS. I went two-and-a-half years with a period. That’s not a good thing. Last month, I went and saw a OB/GYN. I started a…

Awakening The Enivid Rekam

Alysani ran through the countless corridors, long robes billowing around her as she cradled an armful of books to her chest. Long, curling hair tumbled around her. Alys blew at the long strands hanging in her face, trying to see as men and women parted around her with sneering laughter. She ignored them. She slowed…