Life: Moving Forward


As a woman, there’s a lot that goes on that doesn’t really get discussed. For those of you who do known me, you’ll know I have (but not diagnosed, just yet) PCOS. I went two-and-a-half years with a period. That’s not a good thing. Last month, I went and saw a OB/GYN. I started a ten-day trial of hormones that worked (I had a period four days after the final pill) and have been on birth control since.

Now I’m taking the next step. I’m going to disrupt my life.

That seems rather dramatic, I know. I had another doctor appointment today, this time to address my weight-loss goals and nutrition. I was prescribed another medicine (which I can’t recall the name of, right at this moment) that helps with pre-diabetic issues and also women with PCOS. I have a gym membership given to me by a good friend of mine.

I’m starting KETO, a diet which almost eliminates carbs but has a high focus on healthy fats. There’s a lot going on in my life, all related to my health. That’s not even addressing my issues in school (I’m super behind in Math), my mum’s battle with cancer, or anything else that’s going on. It’s a roller-coaster and I’m being tossed around. I’m at the point where I’m giving the middle-finger to some things in life (like romance) and turning my attention on things that are really important.

Oh, and another thing? I’m seeing a shrink Monday afternoon. There’s that, too.

The good thing about WordPress is how I can use this website, my blog, as both a creative outlet and a place where I can record some of the more personal issues going on in my life. As always, it’s open for everyone to see because I know there are people who can relate to this or may want to talk about similar issues. I want a place where all of us can talk and help one another anyway we possibly can.

This is a shorter post, today, because I have class in fifteen minutes. So I gotta wrap this up and get on with my life. I’m hoping in a few months (or maybe six?) I’ll be able to afford a computer so I can do more on my blog. Write more short stories, more poems, do more reflective-based posts that we all can enjoy.

So until I can sneak another moment to write, I’ll say “see’ya’later” for now.


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  1. malinivenkat says:

    Stay strong and positive – that is one of the biggest medicines that you can take. Hugs!

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    1. 93bnmill says:

      That’s my aim, Malinivenkat. We can takebthe challenges thrown at us one day at a time and overcome. It only requires dedication and strength and a will to push on.

      Thanks for the nice words!

      Liked by 1 person

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