Bing Bong! Catchy Song!

‘I’m Looking, A Markiplier Song’ by Endigo

For all of you who know me, I am a person with various interests. This blog of mine is a place where all my oddities come together to create a ‘WTF IS THIS?’ Today I intend to do one thing some of you may like or others may hate. I shall bestow upon you a song by the ingenious Endigo who created this song I’m bringing to you today.

Frankly, I don’t know how many of you actually watch the video. You should. You really should watch this video because it’s funny as shit. I get so much enjoyment out of these videos. When I’m feeling down (which is more often than not), I watch these funny songs that are absurdly catchy and smile myself silly. I think my family might think I’m going insane, given how I randomly start laughing whenever a verse of the song pops up in my head. I’m also playing with colors. I have a few links in this already and I hope you all go and take a look at the things I’m linking to.

I love video games, and I love songs that are made from the actual game footage itself. That’s what’s so lovely about the songs Endigo makes. The song was created from actual things the YouTubers he watches say in the game! It’s amazing how someone can make a song from something like that, and, if you’ve seen the game in question that ‘I’m Looking’ was made from…well, you’ll see why I sometimes wonder how the songs come to be.

I’m happy they do come about. They bring light when my world is dark.



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