A Sudden Return

29, May 2018
Tuesday; 6:45PM


It has been approximately 35 (or is it 36?) days since the last update. We have all been keeping track of the Dark Web, watching your progress with careful eyes. We know what you’re doing. Some of us have reservations about this plan of yours. The Boss hasn’t said anything yet, but the sparrows say he is close to shutting down the entire operation. I am taking a risk, sending this email to you. Make sure you delete this. For your sake as well as mine. I don’t want to think what would happen if this fell into the wrong hands.

It would be simpler to juxtapose the differences on paper on how the Dark Web and the Precinct help one another. Never in an obvious way, but the way we do things ensures a mutual understanding. Each of us has a mole. Someone is trying to shut us down. We have to make sure the Hackers and the Precinct keep doing what we need them to do.

If they understand what we’ve done…

If they understand how far the Boss, and the rest of us, have delved…

You know what will happen. When shit gets messed up, people tend to vanish. OS lost his wife and kids before they hunted him down, tied him in a warehouse, and tortured him to death while forcing him to watch how they killed his loved ones. We don’t want to be the next OS, do we?

So get your shit in gear, find what we’re looking for, and get the job done. I’ll be keeping an eye on you, RH. The Boss wants us to keep tabs on you, so we will. I’ll try to keep you ahead of the Loop, to keep you a step ahead. It’s what friends are for, no?

Keep your head done, RH. I’ll be in contact soon.

Emily eyed the laptop screen with wide eyes, not quite sure what she was reading.

She knew her brother had done a lot of odd jobs around the various cities, knew he ran with dangerous people. It wasn’t something she broadcasted, but she wasn’t blind. She wasn’t deaf. Now her brother was gone and all she had was his laptop, an old machine that ran better than even the ones in the fanciest of colleges her friends haunted. Her fingers ghosted over the keyboard, gaze lingering on the last message in the Inbox.

Leaning back in her chair, her gaze went to the box the laptop had arrived in. Her name was scrawled across the cardboard casing, written in black ink (Sharpie, most likely) and could catch the faintest hint of perfume wafting from the dried ink. Her address was there, clear as day. There wasn’t a return address, no hint on the sender. Part of her knew she should be unnerved, considering the content of the email she had just read, but she felt a wave of curiosity, of intrigue, instead.

Perhaps that said something about her, perhaps not.

All she knew was that this one email…

It was, perhaps, the only way she could find out what happened to her brother and why he never came home. On where he went, on why he vanished. If that meant taking a risk that the same could happen to her – well, that was a risk she was willing to take.

Leaning back, Emily eyed the email address of the sender and pulled up a new window.

Then she began to type.

Author’s Note

I have been gone for a little over a month, now. I finally got a new laptop (thanks to my father – a blessing at the best of times, this piece of technology is, and also good fuel for a quick post at the end of the month) and I’m hoping to be doing more with my blog now that I have access to the Internet and a computer from the safety of my own home.

It feels odd, to be typing on a keyboard after being absent for so long.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed the story and am looking forward to seeing all of you as the days go on. I will be seeing all of you next time! Stayed tuned and avoid turmoil!


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