The First Step Forward

Vlogging isn’t something I’m all that good at.

Actually, rephrase: I suck at it. I still do it, anyway, despite no one but me watches the videos. I’m cool with that, mainly because I’m just goofing off and trying to get the hang of being recorded. Which kind of brings me to today, to the weirdness that is my life.

Having an ASD (High-Functioning, on my end – Level 01 ASD) is something I had suspected but now have verified. But that’s not what the videos about. My brain works differently, though it isn’t mentioned today.

I have ‘FilmoraGo’ on my phone, now. I use to have it on my old laptop and I wanted to see how it works on my Android LG. The phone’s shitty, but the camera’s alright. Some of the time. So after getting the app, I recorded a few snapshots of my day and then pieced it together in the app. Then I added a title, some transitions, and a filter on the first thing I recorded (I like the fan as a mirror-image).

It’s nothing special, but I thought I’d go ahead and share the horror.

Hope you all enjoy it, and, if not, that’s fine. I’m no video-making genius.


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  1. What’s Vlogging? Does it have something to do with videos?


    1. 93bnmill says:

      Vlogging is shorthand for ‘Video Blogging.’

      It’s essentially vlogging about daily life (or snapshots of the day), it could be lessons over a subject, discussions over a topic, advice.

      Like, on YouTube, all the How-To videos could be considered a “vlog” of one sort or another. I’m trying my own hand at it, though I’m not all that good. Mostly goofing off. I honestly have no idea what to do a video over that someone else would find interesting.

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