Burns – When I’m Around U


First off, stop and go to the video. Watch it. Listen to it. I beg of you, do this for me.

Why? Given I have an ASD (and have for a long time, just never had a name for it), there are things that I don’t understand. Some people can paint a story about a video, pick up the hidden meaning behind it. Some people can pick up symbols and read what’s going on just by what’s happening in a scene in a movie. I can’t. 

This video, for instance, is so confusing to me. I love the song, I love the flashing lights, I like the art in it, but I can’t figure out what the fuck is going on! There’s something there, I know there is (why else would the cat turn into a damn skeleton?), but the underlining story in the video just isn’t clicking in my head. I’ve watched it a hundred times. I have it on repeat on YouTube right this minute, and I know some might find the images in this rather disturbing.

I know it uses some common images – the cat, the skeleton, the Oni Mask, the nurse hats…

But I can’t determine if it’s just a series of random images matched with the beat of the song or if there’s a story of some kind going on in the background. Generally, stories to songs deal with the words of the song. I’m so lost. It’s a catchy song, too. I bob along with it, swaying in my seat, bouncing around because I like the song.

I just want to know if there’s a meaning behind the video.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. 19dlm94 says:

    I like it! The skeletons are strange though!


  2. That is one weird video. With all the Japanese imagery (the Oni mask, the fans and the symbols on the umbrellas), I get the feeling that I would understand it better if I knew more about Japanese culture. Then again, it could just be one of those videos that you’re supposed to watch when you’re high.


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