Dharma: The principle of Cosmic Order; Cosmic Order & Law

Dharmachakra: Wheel of Cosmic Order; Wheel of Law

I’ve been reading quite a lot of books recently, most of them centered around the Fourth Way. It wasn’t much of a shocker, not really. My sister was reading a few of them, I would browse through their pages as her kids took a nap, and then I bought them myself. They are enlightening. A bit hard to grasp as I am far from an abstract thinker, but I am slowly grasping the concepts presented to me.

On the same hand, I am also listening to a lot of music. The song above is one of many I have found that are of interest. Dharma is a new word for me, but I knew what chakra in dharmachakra was. Buddhism and Hinduism are interesting, the lifestyles they lead not like what we would find in the West.

Dharma is the Cosmic Law of the Universe, as a simple explanation. It governs all things. All things have a dharma. A teacher, for instance, teaches. A healer heals. A mother nurtures. Parents provide. This is all what one would say is dharma, as dharma is also the truth of each living thing at its core. There is more to it than that, I am sure.

Life living in balance with humaity and nature both.

I seem to keep coming in contact with concepts and songs that really get me thinking. I don’t write as much as I use to, story-wise.

I don’t feel the desire at this moment in time. Perhaps it lost its flare, its power, due to the fact it was such a central part of my life. It took too much room in my life, steered too many topics and conversations.

Now I’m interested to know what my own dharma is. What is the underlining current that is my “calling?” What is it I want to do?

I do not know. Not yet.

On my other blog, The Path of an Asdian Druid, I am working on my journey through the Dedicant Path. Paganism has always been an interest of mine. I know a bit about it. Not as much as I know about writing, but I know quite a bit. It’s a Work-in-Progress. One I am finally working out, slowly.

I am also taking an interest in my own health. At 25, I know I am not getting any younger. I need to take care of my body so that it sustains me, that it can carry me as I walk my Path. Which means changing how I eat, losing weight, and toning up my body. Shall not be easy, but it must be done.

So here’s to me, fuguring all this shit out. About time. I am not getting any younger.

Here’s to all of you. We all walk our own Paths and they are seldom easy. Just keep in mind one thing.

That which is worthy comes not easily. You do or you do not. There is no other way.


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