Arts & Crafts: The Start of a Beautiful Life

Despite the fact I’ve been up for close to thirty hours, I’m on a roll.

I’ve snared a mouse with a trap. Deader than a doornail, that thing. A quicker fate than poison or my cats toying with it. War has been announced and I’m coming onto the field with traps meant for thieves. I plan on winning. I don’t have any desire to share my space with disease-carrying rodents want to walk all over my art.

Art. Abstract art. It’s something I’m getting fond of.

My mind shuts down. I stop thinking. I relax.

These last few days when I’ve been focusing solely on just creating art (abstract art with paint, digital art, poems, blog posts, my weaving, etc…) has been a highlight of my month so far. I enjoy the work. Especially the painting. It’s so dirty, pouring acrylics onto a canvas and then tilting the canvas around to spread it out. The manipulation takes a bit of focus as the paint does spread pretty damn fast, depending on the ration of paint to the medium mixed into it.


The image above is the first one I did today, a “clean pour” as it’s called. It was my second attempt at Acrylic Pouring. It turned out well enough, for all intents and purposes. A lot better than my first attempt. It’s certainly abstract, a jumble of pretty colors.

I had some paint leftover, so I mixed up a bit extra and made another. The picture below is the third attempt and I adore it. For my third attempt, I did pretty damn well with just paint and water and a bit of olive oil. I just wish my phone could take better pictures so I could show just how beautiful that one picture turned out to be.

At the end of my afternoon, I also found my weaving supplies and the beginning of my double-stitch (I think) chain for crocheting. The weave and the chain are below, in a picture together, as they both are yarn-based mediums. I like them both. I really need to start learning how to crochet, though I’m not sure where to start given the fact it’s been months since I touched that chain. I’ll figure it out, though. I was hoping to turn it into a scarf or into an afghan throw or blanket.


I’m really working towards getting my more artsy side back up and running, and I have caught a few mice today (both dead in an instant in a trap I’m still learning to place the right way so the damn rodents don’t flip it over). The day’s been fruitful. I have a few other ideas I want to pursue (sewing and quilting), but I’ll have to figure out how to do it later on when I have the means of doing so.

As is, it’s a little after 7PM. The sun is setting, the heat is dropping. Which means it’s time for me to log off the internet and phone, to take my boys for a walk, and work on something to help me prepare for bed. There isn’t any better time to start working on art then late in the evening before I have to go to sleep.

Hope you all enjoy the art and crafts!


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