Damuro: Round ___?

I’ve said, earlier, that I’m in a rut.

Said it hours ago.

Well, now, at this moment, I found a few things which are helping quite a lot. I do have a DeviantArt profile, where I’m known as 93Miller, and I have this habit of making digital, abstract art when I’m there. I’m not there all that often, but I was this morning (around 3AM), and I decided I would play with Damuro.

Now, I’ve been up for a while now. I’m tired.

At the same time, I don’t want to sleep. I should have been getting ready for bed at 8PM. Going to sleep now just doesn’t make any sense. So I have the task of being up all of yesterday and all of today (I’ll try). Before I jumped on DA, I was cleaning my room up a bit. Mice and all that. My sister came over around 8:30PM and didn’t leave until 2AM.

So let’s get on with my two newest creations!

First: Fantasy Blends!


This is just a wide variety of color.

Looks like a fantasy tie-dye. Or maybe someone on shrooms would make this? Not that I’m high or anything. Well, maybe high off a lack of sleep. Hard to say. I’m tired. Anyway, I made this one first. I haven’t messed around with Damuro in a long while, so Fantasy Blends is me trying to figure out the program.

That’s what I came up with.

The second image is fun, too: Mandrake Trees!


I’m not sure what it is when it comes to this picture, but there’s something very un-okay with the white tree-like, mandraky things standing out against a dark background bespotted with lots of colorful orbs. It also looks like the branches got cut and they’re bleeding. Some things I’ve read state mandrakes drink human blood, which just makes this a bit creepier.

However, I still like it.

I don’t do this very often, but I needed a break from cleaning. There’s so much shit up in this attic of mine and I’m not sure where anything should go. It’s rather frustrating. I also have a closet of boxes that need to be dragged out of the house because the cardboard in there is a Spider Magnet. I have so many brown recluses in this room because of those damn things. Mice are bad. Spiders are a nightmare.

I’m a creative woman. So this little spree really helped me detach the angry brain from the happy brain. I got to create something pretty and colorful. And no one had to die in the process.

So, really, we all should be happy.


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