These last few days have been so intense for me. In a good way.

All of you already know I’m getting into painting. You also know I have a YouTube channel you can find hereI have so much going on, between illness, autism, my mum having cancer, and my uncle dying, and right now I’m trying to find a way to balance my life without going crazy. It’s a hectic battle, one I’m not sure I can actually win at this point in time.

Like everyone else, I want to support myself by doing what I love.

The likelihood of that happening isn’t good, I know that. Not many people can actually do what they love and survive off of it. I write like a crazy-lady. I’m starting to paint like one, too. I enjoy it, though, and I’m happy to share what I create with everyone. My mind and my art go hand-in-hand. It’s fun, I relax, and it’s something I can come home to after doing a job I’m not overly fond of.

Then again, who is fond of their day job? I don’t know many people who can say “I love my job” when I ask them about what they do for a living. I think this is one of the many reasons I love WordPress so much. I can connect to people who know what it’s like to be in a place they’re not totally happy with. They can share what they know, the things they love and enjoy, and find someone who also likes it.

Do what you love.

I’ve heard that so many times.

Now I am doing what I love. I write, and people read what I gotta say. Some of you even leave little comments for me to come back to, which makes my day (if I’m not in the middle of something – then I’m frustrated because I’m reading the comments instead of doing what I should be doing).

Now, for the fun part.

I’ve done some more painting. Instead of leaving a bunch of pictures, I put it all in a video on YouTube. That video is below, and I hope all of you will take the time to watch it. I want to know if you all like little videos of paintings like these cause I want to make more of them, but I want to know if you like them. So here’s the video!

Also, the song playing is by Paddy Gurdy. If you like the song, there’s a link in the description in the video that provides a jump to buy the song. I’m also trying to help others become more aware of this woman’s amazing songs. She’s a wonderful artist.


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