A Message in Trance

The ringing call of the drummers cut through the night. Their shouts rose into the night air as they leaped into the air, each scantly dressed man coming down, hard, on the worn, thick hide of the drum’s top. They grunted and barked, more savage than anything Veronica had ever seen. She nursed a cup…

Wandering Worlds: Delving Deeper

It’s impossible to say when I made the change, to know who I wanted to be. It wasn’t an instant awareness. It didn’t occur overnight. It took time, months if not years, of living in a state of self-loathing. Living apathetically (and not knowing how to live any other way, no matter how hard I try) isn’t something I…

Sapphire Dreams

Black Like A Disease, Rot Claims The Flowers And Trees. Blinding Sapphire Skies  Glow Within A Dreamer’s Mind. Nightmares Turn Into Good Dreams.

The Drum and the Dancer

Beating Drums, Dancing Body Undulating, Sing! Whirl Around The Fire Release Chaotic Feelings Surrender To Emotion!  

When Love Kills

There are so many quotes out in the world. There really is. Some of them catch me by surprise and make me grin. This quote, by Bukowski, is one such quote. I want to make a giant poster in my room and have it hanging there, right over my computer, because I am doing what I love. I’m writing….


Into The Darkness He Has Traveled Combating Demons And Black-Eyed Fiends Reaching Blindly, Lost Souls Unraveled His Life Flashes Before It Careens She Is The One That Can’t Be Battled

Contesting The Status Quo

Deconstructioning, It Ain’t Actually A Word. Ponder, Always, Now At The Naivety Shown In This White, Black, And Grey World.

A New Turn

Thunder A’Rumbling, Dark Skies Turnin’ Round And Round. Behold A New Week.

Autumn Leaves

Slowly Falling Rain, Autumn Leaves Bright Like Fire, Winter Is Coming.

September Musing: I

How far do we have to go to find happiness? How far must we travel to know if we have reached the haven of our dreams? How far will we fall in a world broken and lost forgotten echoes? These are questions I ask myself often enough. My job has taken a hit. I work…