Thoughts Adrift

What can I say?

The laundry careek-reeks in the dryer, going round and round. Coffee brews in a glass brewer, making barely a sound. I sit upon a couch, eager to return to my home and its grounds.

Then, when I’m home, my mind is in a state of indifference that’s unsound.

Old stairs creak under my feet as I walk. Chalk floors track my progess like a mouse caught in the gaze of a hawk. Happiness is a choice, one that will sink if I leave it out to rot.

Emotions are hard. Love and anger, fear and jealously, they are four that our souls hold in glowingly beautiful bars. Sometimes I want to bury them only to turn around and tear them out of dead soil that is my yard.

What can I say?

Sometimes even I don’t know.


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