Paintings & Magic

There are two things that have drawn my attention. The first is the messy world of acrylic pouring. I’ve been doing a canvas every night or every other night. I enjoy it and the finished paintings have been turning out well.

I did this painting last night, right before bed. I had a lot of other colors available, but the white, green, and black dominated the other colors I had mixed up. On that end, I’m still learning the method behind multiple color combinations. It also could be do the size of the canvas I have been using.

I do have a video on the process of making the painting, which can be seen here.

On the other hand, I have turned back to my studies in the arcane. My interest has zeroed in on magic and its various forms. I’m currently looking up herbal and candle magic, both which are powerful and central to many arcanic studies.

I’ve been reading a few books on Wiccan traditions. The books I have found there apply to many faiths and they’re to the point. It’s a good place to build a foundation for beginner studies. It has been interesting, and I have learned quite a few things.


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