Another Paint Session!


Hello, everyone!

I’m back! Again! Honestly, I wonder how many times I’m going to say that one line. It seems to be a common one, for me. I am sorry I haven’t been all that activate here, of late. I’ve been trying to get so much done, these last few weeks. Between the death of my Uncle (Maker guide his soul), my painting (I just used my last few canvases), my videos for YouTube (the one above being a new one just out today), and just the random stuff that happens every day in life…

…well, I’ve been a busy lady.

However, as always, I do circle back and return to ‘Wandering Worlds.’ This place is my home within my home (or away from home), and my family here on WordPress, all my lovely followers who enjoy the content I create and share, I want to share what I’m doing with all of you. Hence why I have returned!

Like I said, I’ve used my last two canvases. Which kind of sucks, considering I have so much paint and nothing to paint on, at the moment. Next check will go to canvases. On Amazon, there’s a bulk order I can get for a decent price. And I save money. If I bought 12 canvases from WalMart, I’d spend a lot more. Amazon is a lifesaver.

These two paintings, they’re bright and colorful. I also experimented a bit (the entire drawing lines through the paint), which isn’t something I’ve done before. I also didn’t use any oil for these two. Vegetable oil doesn’t sit well with the paint. So, I left it out.

I really like how these two paintings turned out.

On the other side of what I’m doing, I will be uploading another video to YouTube tonight over Universal Laws & Magical Theory. This is a topic that’s caught my interest. The two are so intertwined I’m shocked I didn’t understand it from the get-go. Now that I get it, a lot of things that didn’t make sense to me before making sense now.

In the video coming up later, I discuss a bit about a few Universal Laws and Magical Theory. Nothing concrete. Nothing drawn-out. Just basics. I’m not quite used to talking to a camera for a drawn-out period of time. It still feels weird.

For those of you who already watch my videos, it’ll be up in a bit. If not, you can just watch the video I provided above. Like I said, I just want to share everything I’m doing right now with all of you. I want to include all of you. If you have multiple platforms you play around with, I like giving the option of being available (if I’m part of that platform).

We’re in a growing world, in a time and place in the universe where things make sense.

The feats of science and medicine today would have been miracles to our ancestors. Our rise in cancer and sickness would be an omen or a curse. There’s a balance, there. I have come to understand that our happiness, our joy and our love and work, it’s all a choice. If we’re happy, it’s because we choose to be happy. Simple as that.

Happiness is a choice. And I’m not referencing a game, on this. There’s no Joy Pills here!



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  1. I really enjoyed the video and the music. And I also love the paintings! What was that lighter thing you were doing?

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    1. 93bnmill says:

      The lighter helps pop air bubbles. A kitchen torch is recommended, but I don’t have one just yet. I’m glad you liked the paintings and the music choice! I spent a lot of time debating which song to use.


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