Rambling Thought on Faith

Having faith isn’t easy.

There no any getting around that. Not for me, not for you, not for anyone. When it comes to the Maker, whom is known by many names and many genders, an entity that has had avatars in our world and is always present, all we know and experience is due to a force beyond a human’s ability to comprehend. We can never hope to understand the mind of a being so greater than us.

We can, however, learn of this entity and its power, its very Core of Existence, its temperment, its desire, by observing it in different faiths and cultures.

Perhaps this is an odd thing to say, but my reasoning for this is ingrained deeply. I am a pagan. I am a spiritualist. I am a former Christian. I have looked into many faiths and religions because they interest me.

I want to understand why things are the way they are, to comprehend this world and the universe we live in. I want to know magic and its heart, to know the Maker and Kindred, to peer into the darkness, to face my own inner demons, to dance with angels and spirits, to see a star in the sky and to hold it in my hand.

My desires are multi-faced.

Oh late, I have come across a woman by the name of Lauri Lumby. She teaches about the messages of Mary Magdalene and her place in the original Church of Christ and how the true teachings are often twisted or not completely understood. I have taken a few of her free courses, one on meditation and the other a preview to a course three-times larger than I thought possible. I have her book on my kindle, ‘Authentic Freedom’, and it’s an interesting read so far.

I like to learn. To expand and florish and grow. As I get older, more things come to my attention. Things I hadn’t known or understood are slowly becoming clearer.

Was Magdalene the wife of Jesus, like many think? Was she an Apostle? Was she his equal? The answere to those aren’t easy to answer because none of us were alive during those days. We did not walk by the spiritbof a divine force, by the side of one of many Avatars the Maker has created over long, endless years. We weren’t there, so, in that way, we can’t know for sure.

We only have a collection of stories hinting at possible thoughts and history.

I have come to understand that every faith has a similar core. It is built on the same foundation, seek to explain the same thing. These cores and foundations are also differentband unique because every culture has its own history and hardships, each has struggled and flourished. Faith seeks to explain why things are the way they are, to give hope when humanity is unsure.

We don’t have all the answers.

And we never will.

That’s fine. It gives life a huenof mystery that begs us to uncover all the little corners and hidden cervices. To question what’s established, to re-evaluate the status quo and have a better understanding of the world we live in and how we can make our home, our world, a better place.


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