Emotional Color Association

When we think of colors having meaning, people seem to focus largely on the positive aspects. Blue is calm and content and airy. Yellow is joy and bright. Green and brown are grounded and healthy and earthy. I can pinpoint what a lot of colors are when associated with positive emotions. When the table is flipped, it isn’t as easy to work with.

I’m in therapy. I have a lot of trouble with some aspects of life, though most people would never guess once they meet me. My counselor is now checking for depression and I have a two-week assignment of tracking my days and how I feel during them. And also checking if I’m social or not (and if I want to be talkative or if I’m talking because I have to). It will be one windy road for me to walk.

When I think of emotions, I tend to think of colors. Most of the time I tend to be a plain, simple grey. Sparks of black and dark blue are predominantly there, too, but mostly grey. Those are the colors I think of, purple too, when I think of myself.

Grey is a constant. Neutral.

I’m learning which colors mean what on a level that is, undoubtedly, personal. It isn’t to figure out what some of them are. Bright yellow, for instance, is energetic and happy and bold. A darker yellow, on the other dark, is irritation. Could also be annoyance, though I’m not completely sure as-of-yet.

In two weeks, I plan to have a journal with a bunch of colors in it depicting my mood. Im planning on how I want to drawn it, though I have a vague idea pulsing within my brain.

Some people can easily figure out their emotions, put words to what they’re feeling. I like colors.

What about the rest of you? When it comes to what you’re feeling at any given moment, how do you pinpoint what you’re feeling? Do you just know or does it take a moment to figure it out?


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