When Writing Goes To A New Level

I’ve been a member of WordPress for nearly a year, I think. Or is it two? It’s hard to say, as my own memory isn’t as great as it could be. I spend a great deal of my time trying to pinpoint what, exactly, I want to do with myself. These last few months have been hard.

This last week, harder.

In the course of two weeks, my biological mom found her birth family, my sister’s house burned down the day before Thanksgiving, I’m working through what could be a bout of depression, and my interests aren’t all that cooperative. The things I use to love doing do not want to work with me, at this point.

Writing has been difficult. My creativity isn’t as wild as it once was, though I can still imagine worlds and characters and ideas in my head. The act of getting them out onto paper, on typing them down, has been exceedingly difficult. So, due to this, I thought I would try something new.

Aside from my abstract, acrylic pouring, I’ve taken up writing articles on HubPages.

I’ve written two, so far, and they’ve scored well enough. I just finished writing the third article today and am waiting for it to be ranked. I’ve read a bit, here and there, on HubPages before. I haven’t tried doing it myself, though. It seems like it’ll be interesting.

The first article I wrote, A Universal Question: What Is God?, was born because of my interest in theology and the fact I have been asking that very question for a while. It is a discussion on what god could be while also delving into faith and religion. It was my first jump into the topic, but it was fun to write.

The second article I wrote was Poltergeist Phenomenon: Levels of Activity.‘ This, too, is an interest of mine. I remember being in high school, in Speech and Debate, and I had to do a topic over something I liked I thought others might not know much about. My first thought was doing something over Creative Writing, but we did have a Creative Writing class at my school. Someone in the classroom would have likely taken the course.

Everyone knows about ghosts. That’s a given. However, from what I understood, not many would know much about the levels of activity in a poltergeist haunting. I did my research, fleshing it out more with books and shows about the topic, and then wrote my “lesson” on the five levels of a typical poltergeist haunting. By the end of class, my fellow students were scared, troubled, and asking plenty of questions.

It was, all around, a successful assignment.

The article I mention above takes what I did, years ago, and expands on it. Instead of five levels, there are eight. Nine, if one counts dormancy as a stage, and the article itself is rather long. It took a few days to write, given the size of the thing, but I’m pleased with the ending result.

As for now? I’m working on a few other articles, looking for more, and seeing if I could put a bit of poetry or my own works on the site as well. The point of a blog, and of HubPages, is to bring awareness of what each of us can do. I like to write. It’s one of the few things I find any enjoyment in, those I have trouble writing at the moment.

As is, this is what I’m currently up to. For those of you who are fans of my work, then, by all means, follow the links to the articles. It’ll open up on another webpage so you don’t lose your spot here on WordPress. Perhaps you might find you like what I have to say or you might disagree with me on a lot of it. Personal choices, really, but I respect all of them. With all this said, I can only say I hope the rest of you had a happy Thanksgiving, that you’re all in good health, and that I’ll be back soon!


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