Cultural Quirks

When We Fall On Ice,
It Leaves Us Laughing, Unhurt.
What A Funny Quirk.

All people are interesting, in their own way.

Everyone is different. Every person is unique – their eye colors, their hair, their skin and the marks on it. It is all different, even if only in small ways that are hard to see. I think these small differences are a good thing, all things considered. It gives us all something to talk about, even if it’s a question about some scar another person has.

People have interesting quirks, too.

I sniff food before I eat it if I don’t know what it is. I know people who will touch every utensil by their plate before eating. There are some people who will sniff every bottle of perfume before going to another aisle, never buying anything. There are some people who may lock and unlock their door a handful of times before they are satisfied. Many of these quirks could be considered part of an Order Compulsion Disorder. They could also just be a strange thing a person does, without explanation.

People are, without a doubt, strange creatures.

Look at all the different cultures in the world. In some places, it is considered to be polite to stand nose-to-nose with another person in conversation. Some countries don’t care, in the least, about women shaving (plenty of French ladies don’t shave at all, which is often considered unacceptable here in America). In other countries, it is considered rude to not belch at the table when eating in a restaurant.

In some cultures, kissing someone you meet is a standard greeting.

In other cultures, touching someone is a grave sin.

These little quirks can be seen from one culture to the next. Some are social, others are parts of an individual’s characteristics. Seeing how these change from one culture to the next is interesting. Studying these quirks, and seeing how people from a different culture will respond is often amusing. There is always something we can observe that brings a great deal of fun, for ourselves and for others as well.

Merriam-Webster: Word of the Day: 26, November 2018: Quirk


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