Art is Passion

Doing what we love is the key to living a healthy, happy life. I’ve been writing more, these last few days, then I have in months. Since I got the ball rolling, I thought it best to add to the downward momentum and add in my painting. I haven’t done that in a long while, so it’s nice to get my arms and hands dirty as I create something pretty and abstract that leaves my brain fumbling for a title.

The funny thing about the paintings I did (shown below) is the fact I used the same colors for both. I simply put the paint down in different ways. It’s so cool how it turns out! I’m a total newb when it comes to this kind of art, but I enjoy it. It’s messy, it relaxes the mind, and these are colors I’d like to see within myself more often.

I was at Hobby Lobby today and bought some new paint (the yellow and red in this is the new paint. It’s Master’s Touch, the colors Yellow Deep, and Rose Bright Red) while also getting an application. I’ll be turning that in when I hop towns tomorrow. The two below are some of my larger paintings. Most of the ones I’ve done before were smaller canvases, 8×10, but these two are 11×14 and they take a lot more paint to cover. I wasn’t sure if there was going to be enough, but, thankfully, I did.

These two paintings are the result of a dive I hadn’t taken in a while!


In one of my upcoming posts, I think I’ll do a run through my paintings. A sort of ‘progress report’ for myself – starting, of course, with my first painting (I really don’t like the idea of that being up here because it’s that horrid) and I’ll end with these lovely beauties. Of the two paintings, I think the one that has more yellow in it (and sort of looks like there’s an alien in there?) is my favorite.

I’m not sure why given yellow and orange are two colors I associate with irritation.

Like always, I hope everyone enjoys the paintings. They are, after all, two of my own creations. I enjoy making them. I enjoy sharing them. I think everyone can take away from this, just by looking at them! Anyway, it’s late (or early, since it’s a bit after 2AM), and I haven’t even gone to bed yet. I have a doctor appointment today, too.

Guess this is what happens when I lose track of time.


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