Acrylic Pour on a Wooden Canvas

December is nearing the ‘mid-mark,’ as I like to call it.

The month’s halfway over, almost. Which means the New Years Resolutions will be on the brink of taking over the world. Again. Every year, I think each of us makes some kind of ‘promise’ to ourselves that we rarely keep. I’ve made Promises to myself, and I haven’t been able to keep one of them.

However, I do know that, for this moment in time, I want to continue doing what I love.

I love to write. I satisfy that love by writing here, on this blog. I also love to paint, which is a love I’m not good at satisfying. I have two canvases left and I’m hesitant to use them, at the moment. I have some paint, paint that’s been sitting on my “Artist’s Work Station” for over a week, now. The paint I wanted to use, but I wanted to conserve my supplies.

Then I remembered I had giant wooden planks, pieces of wood I got years ago but never used (I was looking into pyrography), and the wood never got used. Now, however, I knew I could put it to use. It took a bit of time, given how large the things are.


This is one of two I did. The second one, in a scheme of black and red with a touch of white and pink, is tucked away in the back of my room. I have a few pictures of them, but they didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked. Once my phone is charged, I’ll take a few more pictures and post them here for all of you to enjoy.

When it comes to painting, I feel fresh and renewed and happy.

It’s a rare thing, these days. All I want to do is paint and write and lose myself in the world created within my mind. However, like all people, I have things I must do every day. Life waits for nobody. So, I paint when I can. I write when I can (I try to make it every day, within reason), and keep living as best as I’m able.

If only cleaning my room was as easy as making a giant Acrylic Pour on a wooden canvas. Having to pick up a giant board, and not drop it, was harder than I thought. I did make a video of me making the painting, but it’s still on my camera and that’ll take hours to edit and put up on YouTube.

Once it’s done, I’ll have a post for that, too! If the video’s any good, that is.

However, I do have pictures on my Instagram account. Paintings and random stuff from my day-to-day life. If you like the pictures in this post, you’ll love the others I have on hand. I’m decent with a camera. I’m getting better with the painting.

As is, there’s work to be done, and here I cannot linger forevermore!



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  1. Nancy says:

    I like this picture, it is pretty.

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