A Walk Through Nature

There is a power in nature, one that awakens the body and emboldens the soul. It is a force each of us has experienced, time and time again. Every day, we encounter this power. Every day, we see the wonders within nature. We experience its ability to heal and come to know inspiration intimately.

Through nature, we come to understand ourselves and the world we live in. There is wonderment in life.
On The Road Again With Delmer
As the days pass, I see myself indoors more often than not. Then, suddenly, I had a need to get outdoors. To take up my camera (which had been neglected), and find myself out in nature and the peace of the Great Outdoors. My friend had a meeting at work and I tagged along for the ride, and, on our way home, we got some photos taken.

The above is a road outside of where the headquarters to our work is (about a forty-five-minute drive from our home), and it’s a picture I’m quite pleased with. There’s a train track near there, too, just off to the side. It would be behind me, in the picture above.

I have a fetish for sun-based photography, which can be linked to the fact I’m a Fire Sign. Aries, all the way! I’m a pyro, born and raised. When I’m out with my camera, I have a habit of taking pictures of the fun. I enjoy it a great deal. Half the time, the sun itself looks like a spirit or UFO in the pictures, which, I think, gives each photo a life of its own.
It wasn’t long until we came across the horses, though. My camera, a Canon, is a good one. It can take sports-orientated photos, so driving past a field and snapping photos at the same time is a possibility. Which is what I did, when we went around a bend. I got a lovely photo of a pretty paint horse grazing in the field.

One of my passions is photography, though it is something I nearly forgot. I haven’t done it as often as I should have, but it’s something I plan on getting back into. Fresh photos of my own making are a highlight of ‘Shadows of the Lotus,’ as each photo broadcasts how I’m improving as I get older. The progress I see makes me smile, and I’m eternally blessed to be able to have the ability to take the pictures I do.
The truth of the matter is this: I’m an Artist.
I paint, I write, and I take photos. These three things make me happy, and spreading this happiness with other people gives me the ability to bring light and wonder into the lives of other people. In the photos below, I’m at a lake with my friend and these are a few of the pictures I managed to take. They all turned out so well!
The highlight of the day was the Alligator Snapper Demer and I found under the ice. He was a really large turtle, and, at first, we thought he was dead. The lake has begun to freeze and, as we were getting ready to leave and head home, Delmer noticed the giant turtle under the ice.

We took pictures, tons of them. We also learned turtle are often seen under the ice in the winter and we were intrigued to learn turtles don’t hibernate. Their metabolism slows until they are in a hibernate-like state. They move slower and they often spend their time trudging along at a pace that’s a fraction of what’s normally seen. The turtle wasn’t dead, however, and he moved quite a bit!
Nature is a wondrous thing and it enriches our lives. I find peace when out in the wild as clearly as my mind finds freedom in paint and ink when my Muse speaks.

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  1. Nancy says:

    That second photo, the first sun picture looks like a Christmas Candle all aglow. I love it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you like it, Nan! ❤


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