When Shadows Move

Learning to write, and to write well, isn’t a task that comes with ease or with great reward. It’s a labor of silence, one filled with unspoken pain and resentment and undying love. Each of us has something we are passionate about. Every person we see on the street is filled with some kind of love they feel to the depths of their being. Sometimes this love isn’t readily apparent.

That’s fine, truly, because some passions are hidden beneath the many Layers of the Self.

Many individuals live their lives on autopilot, unaware of the world around them. They live in a small, restricted place where the matters and hardships of others rarely touch upon. We live in a society desensitized by cruelty and wrongdoings and injustice. This sickness our world faces, it is so ingrained into our current reality that most don’t even process what’s actually happening.

The Self is buried.

Masks lie above it, a daunting wall of layers where the truth is shielded, and the heart guarded. We live, unaware, of our own pain. We go about our days, living our lives, in a state of denial. We don’t see the turmoil our souls, and the Soul of our World, is under.

We are prisoner to the Layers of the Self.

Layers of the Self

Every person has quirks to their personality, different Masks they wear in different parts of their daily lives. Look at any superhero who conceals their true identity with a mask. Each of them hides who they are, fighting the fights they meet head-on, but, by hiding the truth, they protect themselves. They also, in the same instance, unintentionally hurt those they love and the people who could help them.

People are like this, a default reaction few are aware they use.

A child will speak differently to a friend than they will a teacher or their parents. In each of these situations, the child will change the “Mask” they wear. Teenagers and adults tend to do the same thing – a parent will reserve their words in regards to the young and impressionable while speaking their mind to others (lest they are a withdrawn, likely spoken individual). A worker will not talk to their boss as they would a close friend or a lover.

In each of these situations, the events around the people in question determine how they behave and which Mask they wear. LIke lichen on a log, each person has countless Masks they wear and use. These masks they have, each of them serve a purpose, but, in many cases, the True Soul behind the Mask is lost under the Layers of the Self.

Shadows of the Lotus

As I get older, the things I enjoy, the things which interest me and draw my attention, shift.

This is a natural progression, one that occurs in each of us as we age and live our lives. As we learn, we uncover little pieces of ourselves we never realized existed. We are like birds flying south every year: we see changes in the world around us, but we do not respond unless savage winds beat against us. We are, in many ways, a slave to our own minds. Like it or not, it is our thoughts which rule us and the world as we perceive it.

In this way, some people may be curious as to why I changed the name of my blog here on WordPress. It is an odd name, ‘Shadows of the Lotus,’ but there is significant meaning in it. When I decided to change the name of this blog, it boiled down to the fact that, at this moment in time, I am ready to push forward into a new, bolder future. I want to define myself as an individual and set my mark upon the world and the people within it.

This is a goal many have. Like the others, I’m trying to figure out how I can open the corridors of thought to the masses, to share my dream. My vision is changing, and ideas are springing up, things I want to do and places I want to see. I’m not there, yet, but, in time, I will be. So, for the time being, I read, and I paint, and I write.

Like any bird, I’m anxious to finally get up into the air and fly.

Creativity as a Means to Heal

Within the upcoming months, change is coming.

As these days go on, I intend to create and prepare for the new turn that comes within the early days of 2019. Paintings are to be made, photographs taken, and content to be written. I have a bit of work as a freelancer to work on, too. There is much before me, as there always is. It is work I look forward to, however, and it is work I shall embrace.

One of my goals is using the creative soul within myself to heal. I hope to show others that creativity is a form of healing, of learning and discovering ourselves in a hectic, chaotic world that waits for no one. The only way to go forward is by taking the first step on the path, and, along the way, to remember to smell the roses.


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