Weight Loss Tips For Idiots

Given my own place in the world, right at this moment, I think it’s time for another ‘Tips for Idiots’ segment. The last time was Blogging TipsĀ forĀ Idiots, something people still seem to enjoy when they read it. I hope this segment is just as amusing and useful as the former. I intend to make things…

One Step at a Time

Life happens one step at a time. Or, if you’re me, everything happens at once and you’re trying to figure out how it works. Don’t fall off the road you’re walking on.

The History of Massage

The History of Massage is long and drawn out, dating back as far as 500 B.C. and a current, holistic profession in our economy today.

A Nice Day

The weather has been rather decent these last few days. I went out with Dova and got a couple good pictures. It’s always nice to share my small corner of the world! Dova likes to run around the yard. He doesn’t need a leash or a harness, either. He was enjoying being out in the…

What Kind of Name is Semimembranosus?

Over the past month, I’ve come to a rather amazing conclusion. The person who named the muscles in the body resides in the same Hell as the individual who decided it was okay to put numbers and letters together. There’s something sadistic about naming a small muscle semimembranosus and expect normal, everyday Joes/Janes to be…


A milestone down is one that can turn away a frown.