Tending to the Self


There’s something powerful, and wonderful, about the written word. There is a type of energy in the things we say, in the things we think, that cannot be defined by normal means. It is a force which can only be felt. It is a sweetness that lingers on the tongue, a hint of citrus in the air, the gentle vanilla and lavender that meanders through open windows when you least expect it.

Words we speak hold power we seldom acknowledge.

Much of what I have, and what I had, was taken for granted. Children and teens aren’t the most aware creatures. My own mentality makes having a clear understanding on many subjects a tad more difficult – not because I want it to be difficult, but simply because my mind has a hard time grasping some basic facets of life. I still have a hard time understanding the ‘Social Norms’ of our society despite the fact I’m almost twenty-six.

As the days have turned to weeks, and weeks into months (then years), I’ve slowly developed an interest in self-care. It started with my spirituality, one of my Interests, and, from there, it’s been expanded upon. I’ve come to learn how a lot of things tie into Spirit, how the Mind-Body-Spirit connection is an intricate system that cannot be separated. It simply is.

Once I realized, and understood, that Mind-Spirit are connected on a deep level, I started to do what I could to learn all I needed to know. I learned emotions, thoughts, and memories are all a part of the same process. They feed off one another, cycling through ancient channels that all humans are aware of on a subconscious (and sometimes conscious) level.

The Most Powerful


You Will Ever Have

Is The


With Yourself

Diane Von Furstenberg

Mind and Spirit – the ‘Self’ and the ‘Engine’ which translate it. In order to interact with our world and the environment, with the people around us, we have to be able to communicate in some way (writing is where my power lies). However, one thing I’ve neglected is the ‘Body’ in Mind-Body-Spirit; this has set me back so much that recovering the ground I lost ten (10) years ago can be difficult on my good days and absurdly hard on my less-then-stellar days.

I’m not an expert in much of anything.

I’ve done plenty of research on certain things because I’m interested. The things I do know a lot about are things which I have a lot of first-hand experience in, such as writing, Massage Therapy (as the months pass), muscles and bones and tendons (as the months pass), self-care (a newer field of interest), and depression (which I’m struggling with).

All I do know is that only time can make us better at something as long as we apply ourselves.

However, on the same hand, there are some things that an aggressive approach won’t solve.

No One Can Get

Inner Peace

By Pouncing On It

Harry Emerson Fosdick

For the last year, I’ve been working on my mental health. Therapy helps with a lot of things we face in our lives. I’ve also had a Mental Health Assessment. My therapists and pschycologist were in agreement with me that having a clear idea on where I am, mentally, is the best way to go forward. I can arm myself with the proper knowledge to tackle any hurdles tossed by way in a manner that will be beneficial and they can work with me in a way that works.

I’m getting tested, officially, for Autism Spectrum Disorder. On the 19th, I will get the results.

They already think I’m a Level One on the ASD scale (also known as High-Functioning Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome, back in the day). The test itself, six hours of probing and prodding, and lots of questions and mental work, was taxing in-and-of itself. I’m looking forward to seeing what they have to say in regards to the assessment.

By addressing my mental health, and difficulties, I can work on my emotions and better understanding them. By doing so, I can slowly shift how I look at the world. This will enable me to nurture my soul to a higher degree.

Now, however, I’m also addressing my physical body – it is the instrument which all else resides within, the vessel my soul circulates. The body I have is the only one I will ever get, in this cycle of life I currently live, and I’m beginning to understand that I need to take care of it.

Up until this date, I’ve had little concern for my physical health. My mental and spiritual health have always been a concern of mine, but now I’m turning towards my body itself and how to use it so the other two (Mind and Spirit) will flourish.

Today, I went to the gym. I did a bit of cardio (wasn’t the plan, but there’s a lot to the gym than I remember) and then I swam laps in the pool. My arms are starting to feel a bit achy, so I’m sure I may have overdone it a tad (which will make tomorrow interesting considering I have a Massage Clinical starting at 9:15AM). I’ll have to remember to stretch before digging into the client I’ve been “assigned” (she runs my college) and go from there.

If all goes well, I’ll be back tomorrow for another post!


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