Song of Mystery

Song at the Center’
Marty Haugen

Like many of you, music is something I enjoy.

I like reading along as music plays, to immerse myself into the story and message; in this way, I don’t often get a physical response – no goosebumps, no pounding heart, no tears or rage. When I listen to music, I’m often drifting in a sense of calm. I’m able to grasp a moment of peace, a moment that allows me to close my eyes and simply exist.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve come to understand that there’s a connection with Autism and Music, that children (and adults) on the Spectrum have a natural inclination to seek it out. Music has a different impact on many on the Spectrum than it does on those not on the Spectrum. Music has, for me, a sort of ability to help me express myself. Lyrics that resonate, and have a sound that appeals to me, are songs that get obsessively repeated.

The song I linked above, ‘Song at the Center,’ is a song I’ve been listening to for over three hours at this moment in time. I found it at around 4PM and haven’t stopped listening to it since. I imagine there are many of you who have had this very same thing happen to you, a habit which may, in many ways, annoy the people around you – friends, family, and loved ones.

What, exactly, is it about music that draws our attention? How does it hold us captive, pull us into stories that unfold behind our mind’s eye? How does it make the world around us melt away? How does it allow us to forget that there’s a world just outside our range, a world of people and things?

There’s so much don’t know.

‘Song of Mystery’ is my newest post at Spectral Beauty, and you can read the rest of the post here. I’m working on getting so much done, these days. On top of everything that’s been going on, I got a horrid case of Poison Sumac on both my hands and arms. Makes typing a bit difficult, and I’m most curious to know how this will impact my massages if it isn’t healed all the way by the start of my last term at Metro.

For those of you who do enjoy my musing here on ‘Shadows of the Self,’ I’m certain you’ll like what I have in store for Spectral Beauty. The posts on that blog take a lot more time to work through than usual, but I’m being cautious. I really hope to see all of you over there, at one point or another. I think there’s so much we can all learn from one another, but that can only happen if we work together and share ourselves with those who are willing to listen.

With that said, I hope all of you are doing well today (and I truly hope none of you are fighting a bad case of Sumac), and that the light of Love and Happiness rings strongly in your hearts.


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