A writer lives to create, reaching, always, for the sky.
They are here, in the present, but mentally they are everywhere.

About Wandering Worlds

There are places where all things come together. For me, Wandering Worlds is a place where the murky waters of my mind can be laid bare. This site will largely focus on my writing, as it is something I enjoy greatly. These things, they are meant to be shared. That is why there is a written language; the human mind is brilliant, it is complex, and it can be as light and beautiful as it can be dark and terrifying.

My intention for Wandering Worlds is to share my writing. If my work is liked, if there are people in the world who would want to take a few minutes out of their busy days to read the inner workings of my mind–well, all the better. It is my hope that, as I progress, that I will inspire others. That I will make them pause, that I will make them think.

Truly, I hope to bring smiles and laughter alongside fear, tears, and sorrow.

About Me

As many of you might have guessed, at this point, my name is Brittany Nicole Miller. I do prefer the name Britta or Milli, however. I am sure many of you can already tell I am an aspiring writer, one who finds pride and enjoyment in the craft known as storytelling. I’ve been writing for a long while, since I was young and carefree. I reckon I will continue writing for a long while after this, as it is something I do to relax.

Where You Can Find Me (Other Than Here)

Like most, I spend my time in a variety of places. When I’m not online, the likelihood of finding me is as good as impossible. When I’m online, you can find me in one of two places. You can find me here, on WordPress, or you can find me on FictionPress. My stories are on both sites, though each has a few stories exclusive to their respective area.

Not everything on here is there, and not everything within FictionPress is here on WordPress. For the time being, these are truly the only two places I can be found. For those who want to talk, or simply wish to ask a question or two, feel free to contact me.