A blog and a writer’s mind have one thing in common:

Both are a messy place to be.

Writing is a life-long pursuit, one which spans the ages. Through the Craft of Writing, an entire world of history, of creative vision, can be captured. This blog of mine, Wandering Worlds, is a collection of different material. I have Flash Fiction in it, “short stories,” prompts, general thoughts, and an assorted of many other things. A blog is, after all, a place where someone can express the voice lurking out of sight but never out of mind.

Flash Fiction

HauntedA Fallen StarShadowed Terror

Daily Prompts

DevastationSimple PleasuresSex Is MathBittersweet ReplacementResistanceTo Be Or Not To Be…Overwhelmed?HideoutSlurred ReputationA Ghostly Cry, WandererDreams of a MarionetteRuinBeseeching the GatekeeperAn Aird Heart Cast AdriftTenacious TendenciesRhythmic ChangesOversightAstaran’s GateSeducing Hades, Fragrance Of Dawn

FF/DP Continuations

Love and ObsessionLove and Obsession II 


CreationPaper ForestWalking With The Old OnesA Spark Of Ember And Candlelight

Five Nights

Five Nights

All that is here, currently, is only a small part of what it will grow into. I have a love for creating stories, but I also enjoy airing my mind and thoughts. I have an idea on what I want to add to this, but that may take some time. Responses, book reviews, photography…

‘Wandering Worlds’ is a place of creation. Other than my Flash Fiction, I want to be able to place a large array of content on here. I would like to have something for everyone to enjoy. Which means being open and flexible, which is easier ‘said than done.’ 

Wish me luck, everyone. I have a lot of work ahead of me.

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