Learning the Futhark

I have many interests. The Futhark happens to be one of those interests. However, in my studies on learning these old runes, I have had a hard time trying to figure out how to say the many names of the runes. SKALD’s song, Rún, has made the pronunciation on the runes much clearer for me. Many of them…

Of Monsters and Owls

Daylight Dwindles At Sunset, Children Run In Blackened Streets. Innocence, White Light, Sunrise. An Owl Watches, Diligent, Aware Of Monsters Stalking With Sly Smiles In Daylight. These Sciential Ponderings, They Beg To Be Unleashed, Free. Daylight Dwindles, Shadows Lurk.

Red-Gold Before Winter

Fluttering Red-Golds Dancing Through The Open Sky, Trees Shedding Their Leaves As Seasons Come To An End. A White Winter Is Coming.

Paintings & Magic

There are two things that have drawn my attention. The first is the messy world of acrylic pouring. I’ve been doing a canvas every night or every other night. I enjoy it and the finished paintings have been turning out well. I did this painting last night, right before bed. I had a lot of…

The Soul of a Reaper

Long Has He Been An Unsolved Mystery, A Black-Cloaked Fellow Who Keeps To Black. Traveling From World To World, Alone, Always Alert, Listening, To The Sorrow Of Mortal Songs. None Know His Name, Not Truly, Few Have Seen Him To Tell The Tale. Dressed In Black, Scythe In Hand, Tall And Quiet, He Guards The…

Acrylics: Take One!

Of recent, I have taken an interest in Fluid Acrylic Painting. It’s a messy form of art, one that calls to me. So I went out, bought a few things I would need, and gave it a shot. The picture isn’t all that great, but the colors are okay. It’s a bit muddy. I didn’t…

Sapphire Dreams

Black Like A Disease, Rot Claims The Flowers And Trees. Blinding Sapphire Skies  Glow Within A Dreamer’s Mind. Nightmares Turn Into Good Dreams.

The Drum and the Dancer

Beating Drums, Dancing Body Undulating, Sing! Whirl Around The Fire Release Chaotic Feelings Surrender To Emotion!